imagine this defence next season!

Could you imagine having this as your defence next season:

Shawn Lemon and Jamaal Westerman with Capiciotti as our pass rushers
Michah Johnson and Ted Laurent at DT

Simoni Lawrence, Larry Dean and Don Unamba as our linebackers.

Delvin Breaux and Richard Leonard at the Corners
Aaron Grymes or Emmannuel Davis and Jonathan Rose at DB
Mike Daly at safety

that would be a wicked defence!!!

WELL...if you are going to dream you didn't dream very big.
Westerman is 33 and had ZERO sacks with the Cats
Capiciotti had 3 over 18 games.

We cut Davis for nothing

Leonard was way below league avg last year

Daly too slow to be a + safety

I would't takeJonathan Rose on my team for free after what he did last year.

Off course this is all my opinion only.

Come on Delvin please sign!

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That game was one s*** show, coaching was atrocious along with the player’s hunger to win ... here’s hoping to Coach O and lessons learned.

Agree with Daly being way too slow…Westerman not worth the money…

To think Daly is slow is to show you really don’t understand the reality of what goes on in a football game. A safety is essentially in perpetual zone defense. Man coverage only applies to the other 4 DB’s. This is why less talented Canadians typically only play safety back there. The position by its very nature requires less athletic ability and more mental ability.

Since the safety is pretty much always in more of a zone/roving mode they will pretty much always have to close in on whatever player the ball is going to.

My position on the matter is proven in the fact that Daly was starting over the noticeably more athletic and faster Stephen. The S is the QB of the DB’s, and they need brains there more than athletic ability. It was the exact same situation with a former Ticat S Sandy Beveridge. He wasn’t nearly as athletic as other DB’s, but had the brains to get by and keep the coverage in check.

Also… if the safety is involved in a lot of plays in one game, then that means the other DB’s are not doing their job. It’s called safety for a reason… because it’s the last line of defense.

I think Westerman deserves a shot only if his salary is renegotiated to around 150 k. He is a much better player than he showed with us. I highly doubt that Micah Johnson will sign in Hamilton but we do need an upgrade at the import DT spot as Neill doesn’t cut it and I think Whitlock is more of a situational DT rare FB and supreme special teams guy.
Since wr have 3 ex BC coaches they may Lobby for Lemon at DE and Micawe Awe at MLB as he has a big upside and will come much cheaper than Dean who will command big bucks mainly due to the huge cotract that Bighill signed. Simoni will be back for sure as he will be affordable. and productive and he loves Hamilton and Hamilton loves him.

I don’t think the catswill pay the big bucks on Unamba as he was a CFL all-star at SAM and thus will get some big offers and he only had one big year. I like Unamba alot I just think we need an elite Rush End like Lemon or better yet Jefferson or J’Gared Davis who would be worth 200 k salary and finally give us an elite rush end since Joe Montford.
Tiicats have signed Michigsn State SAM Chris Frey and he looks like a fast beast on youtube like s Chip Cox. I think Rico Murray or even Natiobal potential ratio buster Jackson Bennett could be candidates to play SAM as Bennett looked great there last as well as on special teams

I think Tracy and Cappicioti wore out their welcome last year by never getting to the QB and I think it’s best we say goodbye.

We need to fork over the money for an elite rush end and that was evident all of last year especially in the eastern final. We won’t get to the Grey Cup without a pass rush.
I hope Breaux signs with us but he will cost us 200 k but I think he is worth it as nobody throws his way as it’ s like the Bermuda triangle.

I would not be suprised if he broke a record having the least passes thrown his way and least completions. I have never seen the entire league avoid a db more than they did with Breaux last year.

l quite liike Brooks at halfback and think he can get even better and Orlondo may try to bring Rico Murray back at sam, cb, or Hb.
I think that the 3 BC defensive coaches will lobby for one or two FA BC db"s out of Orange, Yell, Peters and Rose.
I am almost certain that Orlondo will sign and reinstate Courtney at safety for a salary less than the 180 k he got after starting I think Courtney is in for a big year as he put on some meat and was hitting harder and tackling better on special teams last year so he will make for an even better safety than he was previously .
I agree that safety is more of qb back there but though Daly is a smart guy he is far too slow to help out the other Db’s much and he showed up late and lost two many foot races for my liking. I also think Courney has better hands than Daly.

Orlondo will ensure Courtney starts at safety.

Courtney was perfectly healthy all season… if he was the better choice, then he would have been starting. Period. I’m not sure what people don’t understand.

Food for thought…

The problem with opinions on things you don’t really understand is that all you’re really doing is exposing that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Courtney went from well paid starter to high paid backup. WHY? Coaches decsion.

There was a reason he was making more than Daley, he was considered better. By someone.

New season, new coaches, new eyes and maybe new/old starting Safety. Both Daley and Courtney bring something completely different to the table. Last years coach preferred the hard hitting but less mobile Daley. New coach might choose the more mobile but less physical Courtney.

We will see. There will be a camp battle at Safety IMO.

And by that statement your exposing the fact you think you do know what your talking about. Your just like everyone else on here. One opinion.

. . . and Rob Hitchcock is another example backing up your point. Fleet of foot he wasn’t. . . but he was a stellar safety.


I have a pretty deep background in football. I’m not anyone known, but was directly involved in the sport as a player and assistant coach up to the CIS level. So I do indeed know what I’m talking about.

Fellows, fellows - we all know that nothing can kill a good discussion quicker than a guy who knows what he is talking about! Social media is all about opinions, good, bad and indifferent. Including this one. :slight_smile:

Anyone can have any opinion about anything... it's their right. My point is that when your opinion only shows you are not well schooled on what you're talking about it isn't really an opinion. More an incorrect statement. Opinions are often based on ignorance and delusion, and they should be treated as such.

Something that is fact... like the things I have stated in this thread... is not an opinion. it's a fact.

Several people in this thread are throwing a player under the bus for being too "slow", and they obviously don't know what you're talking about, and hiding behind the guise of an "opinion".

Seriously people... have some sense. If he was "too slow" then he wouldn't even have a job in the CFL, let alone be a starting player. The coverage broke down a lot in the East Final, and to put it on Daly is pure ignorance.

I know nothing about lots of things... and I also don't like looking like an ignorant fool, so I don't have opinions on things that I know nothing about. I also have self-awareness, and understand when I don't know about something. Something many people on all forums should strive for.

Say all the opinions you want... but when they're based on ignorance then you should expect to be called out on it. I'm sure there are lots of things you guys could school me on, but football isn't one of them.

But your comprehension could use a little work.

Couldn't agree more... case in point... Oct. 13, 2017:
A 17-yardRene Paredesfield goal – set up by a pass interference penalty on Hamilton – with zeros on the clock helped lift Calgary to a victory that was tough-sledding throughout.
Courtney Stephens took the stupid penalty deep in the Ticats end... all he had to do was allow the receiver catch it and tackle him and the game was over(zeros on the clock)... but lack of focus or mental ability cost the Cats the game and dashed any hopes of making the playoffs. I'd take a Daly any day over athletic prowess but lacking the ability to comprehend the situation.

Is that your opinion? I thought the defence played great. Blowout in Wally’s final game.

I meant the final. Typo.