imagine the Riders without Joseph or Armstead

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Where would the Saskatchewan Roughriders be without quarterback Kerry Joseph and receiver Jason Armstead?

"I don't even want to think about it," said Saskatchewan defensive tackle Scott Schultz.

And neither do Riders fans.

But it's fair to say the Green and White could be 1-5 without the pair of former Ottawa Renegades instead of 3-3 in the tight West Division.

"Their production has been instrumental to get us back on track (to a .500 record)," said Schultz late Saturday night, after the Riders defeated the Calgary Stampeders at Mosaic Stadium.

"All you have to do is look at the stat column to see what they mean to this team."

Although it sounds crazy, it's true that Joseph and Armstead have combined to score seven of the last nine touchdowns for the Riders.

"It's unbelievable," said Rider defensive back Omarr Morgan of their contribution.

"I always told players on my team that Jason Armstead was the best outside receiver in the league. And no quarterback in the league can run like Kerry Joseph."

When the Riders initially acquired Joseph during the off-season, some in Rider Nation felt the team gave up too much by handing over all-star Corey Holmes as part of a package to Hamilton to get the first pick in the Ottawa dispersal draft.

But there is no debate now.

"I hated to lose Corey Holmes, but you have to have a quarterback in this league," said Morgan.

OTTAWA SCORECARD: The Riders and Bombers are the early winners with their first-round picks in the Ottawa dispersal draft from this past spring.

After seven weeks of the season, here is a look at players taken in the first round in April after the Renegades folded.

  1. Kerry Joseph (Sask)- the new offensive leader in Regina.

  2. Ibrahim Kahn (Wpg) - in the heart of Winnipeg's O-line.

  3. Jason Armstead (Sask) - six TDs and nearly 400 yards receiving in six games.

  4. Cam Yeow (Cal) - with a pinched nerve in his neck, he could be finished for the year.

  5. Val St. Germain (Wpg) - also part of Winnipeg's O-line, which is averaging less than two sacks a game.

  6. Korey Banks (B.C.) - a disappointment in Vancouver, with only one interception after 10 last year.

  7. Kai Ellis (Mtl) - leads the D-line in tackles.

  8. Anthony Collier (Edm/Ham) - a major disappointment - cut by the Esks and a healthy scratch in Hamilton on Friday.

CALGARY CONCERNS: The rumour mill is getting louder, suggesting conflict between Calgary Stampeders management and the coaching staff.

But one thing is certain: after offensive lineman Jay McNeil's profanity-laced tirade at practice last week in an effort to try to focus his teammates, the Calgary locker-room will be even more uncomfortable this week with the club riding a three-game losing streak.

FINISH LINES: John Shannon - senior VP of broadcasting for the NHL - is being mentioned as a candidate to replace commissioner Tom Wright.

It just goes to show you what kind of year Ottawa would have had... :frowning:

or...kerry joseph still in ottawa, and KJ would be struggling?...just like last year.

altho, with toronto and hamilton doin so poorly, the renegades ( with last years roster ) would have a good shot at the playoffs right now.

I just like to dream a little. Ya I know, it could be a totally different situation...But it was sure nice to watch Joseph play again.

Go back to some old posts in the Sask section and count how many people hated the deal that shipped Corey Holmes to Hamilton to get Joseph. I wonder if they still think thats a bad deal?

Although disappointed in losing Holmes, I was happy about the deal from the get go. I have always thought that KJ was a good QB and Armstead was just a great bonus!!

Corey was hard to guage, you still hear the argument that Joseph has done nothing as of yet...jury is still out, I guess..

Regardless of team stripes, people will be on both sides of a trade regarding a popular player. I knew Holmes was alot to give up to get Joseph, but like previous threads, a team needs a proven QB. Holmes was a fan favourite, but Nealon wasn't; that's why the Riders went out and got Joseph!

well if there was no draft, then there would be no joseph and armstead in regina..and no khan, st germain, and hebert in the peg

these 2 teams benifited from the draft, and they got what they needed to make their teams competetive(sask needed a qb and r..wpg needed olineman) and wallah, both teams are doing pretty good right now, and both teams will probably be in the playoff picture come the end of the season

cant wait for labour day, and to go the banjo bowl! :rockin: :cowboy:

I hope when Ottawa comes back and as mentioned in today's very good article in the Ottawa Citizen, only good quality players need to stock the roster.
To be more then fair, a return of all players would be the best, but not likely to happen.

what a stupid question. They would be the same team they were last year. Why would you ask a player that question. Reporters are stupid.

I think we would be in a worse position this season if we hadn't have gotten these 2 from the dispersal draft. Yes, I didn't like the deal that sent Corey Holmes to Hamilton. That trade was taking a very big risk on the part of Shivers. But you do have to give him credit for having the balls to actually pull the trigger on that trade. And of course with hindsight being 20/20 it seems to have been a trade that paid off for the Riders.

Shivers needed to do something to get a good passing quarterback. Now we seem to have a well balanced Quarterback, one that has good passing and running capability. I stated it earlier this year in this forum. I cannot honestly remember when the Riders last had a quarterback with good running and throwing capability. Kerry Joseph may end up being that quarterback once he gets completely comfortable with the Riders.

The Riders pulled the carpet right out from under the Cats management I think on this one.

hindsight being 20/20, the cats shoulda kept joseph and traded maas to the riders...but then again, everyone thought maas was the better QB b4 this season ( cuz joseph had never played on a good team ).

Agree..I stated right off the bat it was a good trade..we needed a QB not another RB

i agree if the roughriders didnt have them they would be bottom of the list with hamilton

Riders would be dead last if it weat for Ottawa, while Winnipeg and Edmonton would duke it out for 3nd right now in the West.

what about this John Shannon for commisioner? good deal, bad deal?

I wonder how Ellis can lead the D-line in tackles when he has played MLB ever since he bcame an Alouettes... I guess Edmonton reporters don't watch eastern games...

.....maybe he leads the MLB in tackles....

With Joseph and Armstead, Saskatchewan would be keeping Edmonton's playoff streak alive!

You Rider posters should be sending thank you cards to Loonie Glieberman and his three ring circus!