Imagine if this could happen in the CFL

NFL makes almost $725,000 on one fight in the Browns/Steelers game

I heard something about a guy swinging his helmet in the NFL and he got suspended for a year. How come Vernon only got a slap on the wrist ?

What do you expect from a Roger’s Sportsnet lackey?

An ad hominem argument.

And misplaced at that. He’s employed by the Sun, not Rogers.

He does work on Rogers Sportsnet as well.

It’s Steve Simmons for cripes sake. Hasn’t anyone ever read his crap before ? Wonder why he didn’t say anything like this when Harris was initially caught ? No, he waited till it was GC…I think they announced that Simmons was just put into the football sports writer hall of fame. Whew, nothing but negative talk on the CFL for years.

Harris got caught and he paid the penalty given to him…Some of you people just love to whip a dead horse.