Imagine Dragons

I haven't heard much for or against the half time show. I wasn't particularly impressed but if I have to take a bathroom break, it might as well be during a set by what I would call a glorified garage band. I guess if you like lots of drums, they would be your cup of tea. I wouldn't go to see them if they were playing in my neighbors garage but some might have liked them.

I did like Nikki Yanofski on O Canada, as opposed to the Olympics, they let her sing it properly.

Just the ramblings of an old man, still I would like to hear what others thought.

I thought they sounded great, the sound was good and overall a great performance. I was impressed.
I wonder how it sounded in the stadium?

I thought the worst ever had to be the Black Eyed Peas a few years ago, that was just an awful sounding performance.

I really liked it and was getting all kinds of positive tweets and Facebook posts during or just after their performance ended.

One 'real friend' who has about 2000 'Facebook friends' did not recognize the name Imagine Dragons and had posted 'Imagine Who?' on Facebook just before they started - once they were done he posted 'I didn't realize I knew their songs - they were great!' - and that post of his received at least 40 - 50 positive comments agreeing.

In case you missed it -

I would have to agree, but that is not a particularly great barometer. I guess that would be my appraisal of their performance.

Better than Black Eyed Peas, seems like Vancouver wants to be the low hanging fruit of half time shows. :cowboy:

Best half time show in a long time.

Best half time show in a long time.

I guess it depends on the demographics. I watched the game with a hundred or so of my closest friends :wink: . The club was a mixed crowd with I would say an average age in the mid forties. The general consensus was turn "turn the sound off". Except for the aforementioned, potty break, I could pretty much sum up my impression in one word, bleah.

As stated many times, the CFL should be trying to attract acts that appeal to a wide audience and not a small one. I am sure that many in the teens to 30 age group enjoyed the show. For myself, kicking your drum sets around the stage does not particularly appeal.

Bottom line is I don't think Winnipeg has a tough act to follow.

Well, I'm not a math major but 177 million or so views on Youtube tells me they are at least known by some people out there who listen to music, albeit maybe not in Edmonton or Western Canada. :wink: Let's see if Winnipeg can find a group with a song with that many views, my guess, not a chance. That won a Grammy award. Again, not a chance.

I wonder if it is possible for the Mods to tack on a poll to this? It would be interesting.

Well seeing as how the most listened to music form on the planet is C & W, I would guess that you don't consider it music. Many acts have won Grammy's so I would it would not be difficult to find one. Hits on youtube simply means that the demographic that spends a lot of time on youtube like them. EG. teen-30's.

Well seeing as how the most listened to music form on the planet is C & W, I would guess that you don't consider it music. Many acts have won Grammy's so I would it would not be difficult to find one. Hits on youtube simply means that the demographic that spends a lot of time on youtube like them. EG. teen-30's.

I do like some country and western but I admit I'm not a huge fan. But I guarantee you Winnipeg will not choose a true country and western icon, guarantee it. Now if they went for someone with some tendencies like Jason Isbell or Eric Church or the Avett Brothers, then I'd be very impressed. I like some C & W just not real heavy duty C & W.

Remember, Grey Cup organizers have to find people who are willing to come up here to the North , if they are looking for an American band, and perform in front of a quite low American audience. Is it worth it? I also guess that a lot of Canadian bands shun the Grey Cup because it's not "their thing".

Good luck Winnipeg as I say. Imagine Dragons were great, and they tweeted they loved it and the "this" BTW is them with a photo showing them having a super time.

Imagine Dragons @Imaginedragons · Nov 30
thanks Canada you made us feel like this #CFL

I do agree numbers are not a total indicator at all of a band's talent. That much I will agree with. But to argue Imagine Dragons didn't cut it, yikes, that's just not quite the story I would say.

Canadian bands - Current Swell, Cuff The Duke, Wooden Sky, Elliott Brood, Strumbellas, Matt Mays - any would be awesome. And many others along these lines. IMHO

I would comment if I had even heard of any of these, lol.

right...but that is the demographic they are interested in.

The lack of posts on the subject usually means not many people felt like complaining.

Don't worry, I'm sure they'll have another over the hill dinosaur band soon.

Well Winnipeg could dramatically narrow the pool of halftime performers by asking one question.

'Are you OK with possibly having to perform in wind chills as cold as -30C'. (which is what it was like in Winnipeg as the Imagine Dragons were performing).

That should eliminate about 99% of the popular acts out there.

Does Vanilla Ice still perform? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want a band with a local feel, you could choose one of many offshoots of The Guess Who. Keeping with an older demographic Neil Young us still alive. Canadian Country acts are common and some from not far away, Johnny Reid, George Canyon, Carolyn Dawn Johnston etc. There is no reason if you want to go American Winnipeg could attract the likes of Garth Brooks who likes a big stage and isn't driven by the dollars (played Calgary Stampede last year and would only play if the cost was affordable to fans).

I truly think that Winnipeg can and will do far better.

Since the post has been up for a bid over 2 hours and we are on the second page, I guess your wrong.

As an over the hill dinosaur, I would suggest that the music of my era is second to none. Beatles, Stones etc., I sent to see John Fogerty last week, he put on a show that the Imagine Dragons would not want to follow! He played Woodstock in 1969, I am willing to bet that nobody will remember Imagine Dragons 45 years from now, let alone pay to see then kick their drums around the stage. :cowboy:

Yes, Credence Clearwater Revival played Woodstock in 1969.
They felt that their performance was so below their standard that they asked that it not be included in the footage of the event.
Not everyone puts on a killer performance all the time.

I thought the Imagine Dragons put on one of the best Grey Cup halftime performances in recent memory.