Imagine Dragons + poll

I thought it was solid to great and captured some non-regular viewers. Loved the drum work. The band is pretty huge at the moment. Even though I was not born here I can appreciate that a Canadian act should be chosen more often than not, but also recognize that there was a limited availability of charting Canadian bands this year that either have not already played or are actually relevant to the demographic desired to draw on for halftime.

Sorry for the duplication of the other thread, I just though a poll was a good idea.

Great Idea, I would not be opposed if the mods removed mine, I do like the choice of "Better than Black Eyed Peas" though.

or JB? :cowboy:
I would have rather had Barney that year...get em crazy young.

I am kinda between solid and indifferent. I thought it was mostly ok, except when the instruments drowned out the vocals. Singer had a way better voice than the guy doing pre game show. It had some appeal to me, but I wouldn't call it solid.

for the poll, I will choose indifferent, but it is not exactly so.

I was in stadium and it was "Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be...".

Not a glowing review I know, but I'd prefer Guess Who, BTO or Brian Adams, so you can kinda guess my age/genre so that's as close to high praise as you're going to get.

Understandable, but those bands are not going to come close to attracting the demographic the league and its sponsors are after with the halftime show.

Sounds like it is going to be Katy Perry for the Super Snore. That will rank up there with the Bieb unless there is another "wardrobe malfunction"!!! :wink:

I was really impressed with their energy and feel for the situation. Their lyrics fit their presentation style as well for me. Much better than Bruno Mars for this guy.

Far better then Hedley or Beiber. The Country show at the start of the Grey Cup stunk though.

I still want to see Hamilton get the Grey Cup and have Monster Truck and the Arkells.

You need a certain energy level from the show to maintain the crowd through the extended intermission that you have at a championship game like the Grey Cup. I thought they delivered. And hey, they love Canadian people and apparently our food as well. And their live set easily beat the lip synching and air guitar of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers at the Super Bowl.

Would I prefer a Canadian act? Sure but it's not always a viable option to get one that has enough name recognition, even if it is only recognition across Canada. A number of years ago the Black Eyed Peas performed, also in Vancouver I think, under sponsorship from Best Buy IIRC, and they ended up doing a super bowl halftime as well. For Imagine Dragons I think their label was the one that pushed for them to get the halftime gig and more exposure despite them having already won much acclaim in 2014. If it's a foreign act that gets regular air play on radio stations here in Canada, someone is willing to pay for them to do the halftime show, and they can provide the right atmosphere, then I'm fine by it. I certainly would prefer it over giving the stage to an act like the opening country singer Dallas Smith just because he's Canadian? A set like his would've completely killed the mood in the stadium at half time IMO. Just like Blue Rodeo a couple of years ago. I love the band but it's the wrong type of music for a half time show.