Imagine Dragons Grey Cup Halftime Show

Maybe the actual staff at the stadium though are all Canadian, I don't know. :?

Yes. We went out and found the best stadium catering expertise in Levy. And, as above, all their staff members at THF are Canadian. Kinda like Canada's Bombardier making the best regional jets, but all their sales and maintenance staff in the US are American.

The Tiger-Cats are a very Canadian sports and entertainment enterprise, and we search for the worlds best suppliers, coaches and athletes (eg: Australian football players :wink:) to help make us as successful as possible.

Quick, someone tell Rod Black :slight_smile:

I agree but for anyone to suggest that this league is Canadian and we should only hire our own especially for half time entertainment is ridiculous.
Every facet of our game has international written all over it. No reason for the entertainment to be any different.

Bob, I get your point but I'm sure you got mine as well.

P.S....please ban the individual who included Neil Young and Nickel back in the same sentence...he's just making all of us look bad.....:slight_smile:

I'll support Nickelback though, I like much of their music. I also like much of Neil Young's music for that matter.

sorry Earl, I must foe you... :cry:

I've never quite understood the hate on for Nickleback. Is their music predictable and very much to a formula? Sure it is - just like most genres of music tend to be these days. That they happened to have perfected use of that formula to maximize their record sales and concert ticket sales hardly seems worthy of all the vitriol thrown their way though.

If they were a bunch of nasty spoiled jerks along the lines of Bieber's behaviour of late I could understand it.

Could somebody please explain.

8) Well Bob, you scored a major coup in securing Levy Restaurants as our stadium catering company !!
 I attend several Blackhawk games at the United Center each season, and also Cubs games at Wrigley Field,
 both of whom use Levy, and their food and presentation  is second to none !!!

  Can't wait to finally  try them out here tonight in the Club Level.      <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->


my dislike of the nicklebacks stems from a and incident of one of my former teammates in a co-ed softball league I played in in Cambridge 7 years ago. She was vacationing in Florida and just happened to be staying in the Condo/Villas that Chad Kroaker was staying in. One day she was apparently minding her own business at the pool (shes a married woman to boot) and Chad walked right up to her and asked her straight up "hey do you want to have sex with me?", without any intros or other dating formalities.....he just ASSumes that he can walk up to any woman, ask for sex, and receive it because "Hes the lead singer in nickleback". SHe promptly stoop up from her chair, and pushed a fully clothed Chad Kroeger right into the pool :lol:

For that reason, ive only ever thought of him and the rest of the band (yes i'm doing the guilty by association thing) as complete slimeballs..... :thup:

I apologize if this offends you....

.....oh, and they write s***y music... ala jovi.

When J.C, Santa and a real musician all agree Nickleback SUCKS !!!!!! Enough said !!!!! Music for Wrestling shows and pole dancers and peelers and little 14 year little girls and boys who don't know any better when it comes to music. :thdn: :thdn: Just curious T-Pat but are they like Gaga ? You know,popular in the Gay community ? Personally I can't change the dial fast enough on the radio when one of their CRAPPY songs gets played. IMO Nothing but generic bland no thought process production line BS is what Nickelback are :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :twisted: They are the equivalent of finger nails on a chalkboard,absolutely friggin' dreadful and a total embarrassment to Canada and the music industry.

I think you explained it very well TPB.

It seems that most bands who achieve immense/rabid popularity within a certain formulaic genre ultimately receives broad backlash at some point…very similar to a mob mentality.

Bands/artists like the Bee Gees, Van Halen, Duran Duran, New Kids on the Block, John Mayer, Billy Ray Cyrus, Michael Bolton, U2 etc etc are just a few examples of the highs and lows experienced with pop culture superstardom.

even the iconic Elvis Presley was not immune to public backlash with constant garden-variety films and music.
Audiences are fickle, and artists need to constantly reinvent themselves to maintain popular relevancy.

personally, I care not if an artist goes the experimental route or alters visual style.

Good music is good music.

Hey I'm not a Nickleback fan but I don't hate their music though and always wondered why some seemed to have such a visceral reaction to their music. Most of their songs - like most music - I don't feel strongly about one way or the other. They have the odd hit with a beat or lyric that easily hooks you in - but that's about it.

I will say this - there music doesn't irritate me like a lot of rap music or some very screechy guitar hard rock does, or some the angst ridden shouting by female singers that I guess for some passes as singing at the climax of some songs.

I'm hardly the person to ask but as far as I know I do not believe Nickleback have a big gay following but I'm not the person to ask about that because unlike many of my gay friends who seem to spend half their life downloading music much of it dance remixes and are at concerts every other week for acts like Cher, Gaga, J-Lo or others whose hits these days are dance remixes - the extent of my music listening tends to be whatever is playing on the radio in a car I get in or on my Slacker Radio app on my Blackberry where I usually just select the 80's, 90's and Today genre option which right now has 'Wake Me Up' by Avicii playing. That will occasionally have songs like those of Imagine Dragons on it which is why I was familiar with a few of their songs.

Pretty sure you missed the point but thanks for playing.. :roll:

tangleweb wrote: It seems that most bands who achieve immense/rabid popularity within a certain formulaic genre ultimately receives broad backlash at some point
I'd agree with that statement and "poor" reviews will result. Reviewers are biased of course and have their own agendas.

On this topic, I did notice a lot of Canadian music between plays of the game last night.
Arkells, Monster Truck, Metric, Sam Roberts, Tokyo Police Club, Hollerado... And I'm sure I'm forgetting a whole bunch.
Especially surprised to hear Alvvays (who I'm about to go see at the Casbah in a few minutes). Didn't think they were even that well known. (Yes, that's 2 v's in their name, not a "w")

An Imagine Dragons live sampler to preview some songs they'll likely play during tomorrow's halftime show. And the titles of their songs provide a nice story line for us.

It's Time -

to leave the
Demons -

of losing last year's Grey Cup behind us and win this one so that we will all be

On Top of the World -

by this time tomorrow night.

Their big single right now is "I Bet My Life", so assume that will get played:

And they'd get lynched by the crowd if they didn't play at least a few bars of their biggest hit, "Radioactive":

I couldn't figure out a good way to weave Radioactive into my story line.... lol

And of course they will sing I Bet My Life. Good point safetyblitz. I just saw them sing it on the American Music Awards the other night. I wonder if they'll bring all their backup singers with them.

Here's that performance.

I get caught up in the same question too. Singers got a good voice instrument wise they are very good. I can't quite put my finger on the dislike either.

It's either the front man just isn't "believable" Or since the US hates them we do too. Since we always eat our own up here I think it's more the latter

Beiber is a good example. Even before he was getting in trouble we hated him for no reason really. He was a young kid but the US hated him and we followed suit imo.