Imagine Dragons Grey Cup Halftime Show

Ya good point for sure. I just hope THF concert series is not gonna be only Easy Listening or Country only

Imagine Dragons sounds like a YTV kids show. I am SO out of touch.

they HAVE to get 1 or both of The Arkells and/or Monster Truck to play there… both Hamilton born bands!

Maybe both of them when the GC is @ THF :slight_smile:

My answers are in bold.

With Get Slurred singing the ivor wyne song.. :rockin:

Monster Truck are from Hamilton, and these guys are keeping the good old days of rock and roll alive, really good band!

The singer from Monster truck sounds like Chris Cornell. Probably cant scream like Chris can but very similar.

Hammerfest 2015 **, next May at Tim Hortons Field:
Arkells, Monster Truck, Young Rival, The Dirty Nil, Cowlick.

(**not a real thing)

Not that im a fan but the hip hop scene here is supposed to be very good. Through in a OB O'brien and Slur and you got something for everyone.

You forgot 54-40 :rockin:

You know what! Since GC 102 is in YVR, have 54-40 perform at half time and Kiesza (because she's a COMPLETE BABE SHA-----WING) do the opening helps she's born and raised in Alberta too 8)

On "2." above, that is simply not true. The CFL is very Canadiana.

In the last few years alone the CFL has seen four Canadian Head Coaches. On the Ticats (I don't know the make-up of the other teams) over 50% of all our "football" staff are Canadian. At the CFL office level 100% of our staff are Canadian (this is actually an argument to bring some International talent into that office).

And all our catering staff are, not surprisingly, Canadian. :wink:

:thup: :rockin: :thup: :rockin: :thup: :rockin: :thup: :rockin: NICE REBUTTAL :cowboy:

not to mention:

Sum 41
Michael Buble
Avril Lavigne
Rufus Wainright
Alanis Morissette
Celine Dion
The Sheepdogs
Matthew Good Band
Shania Twain
Sam Roberts
Bieber (my apologies)
Nelly Furtado
Sarah McLachlan
Bryan Adams
Jan Arden
April Wine

Anyone who mentions Nickel back and Neil Young in the same post should be hung, drawn and quartered.

How dare you!!!!!!
You should be ashamed to be alive.

Imagine Dragons are more popular right now than many of the Canadian bands posters have mentioned. Stop being so critical and just enjoy these things, folks.

Thank You :thup:

8) Didn't the TiCats team up with Levy Restaurants, based in Chicago, to be our main food supplier, this season, Bob ??

That's what I thought as well......which is why I mentioned it... :wink: