Imagine Dragons Grey Cup Halftime Show

The CFL announced today that the halftime show this year will be the Imagine Dragons.

A real coup for the CFL in my opinion to land one of the hottest rock bands on the planet. Imagine Dragons are Billboards top ranked rock performers in 2013 and they named them Breakout Band of the Year. They won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance, the American Music Award for Favourite Alternative band, 5 other Billboard Awards and a World Music Award winner.

They had a huge hit with Radioactive - a song you would often even hear on CFL telecasts on TSN. It was a huge hit for them but personally I prefer two of their other big hits 'It's Time' and 'Demons'.

If you are drawing a blank on their name check out these videos and then I'm pretty sure almost all of you will clue in as to who they are. If nt - let me be the first to welcome you to 2014. :smiley:

Radioactive - their biggest hit - over 230 million views of this video on youtube - Imagine Dragons - Radioactive - YouTube

It's Time - my personal favourite so far of their songs - meaningful lyrics to me - Imagine Dragons - It's Time (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Demons - growing on me the more I hear it - Imagine Dragons - Demons (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Great choice IMO as their music is both current and appeals to a broad demographic at the same time.

Might remember this

Nice find Hammer. Could that be a good omen for this year's Grey Cup Game? :smiley:

This band is awesome for young and old alike and has popularity plus right now , great choice by the CFl.

Here another catchy tune of theirs. Some of us old folks can relate to this video content. lol

Nice find for sure Hammer! Wouldn't mind seeing them sometime at THF.

If you are wondering what they might sound like live at halftime - here is a video from one of their live performances earlier this year. (Note the huge crowd! getting them is absolutely a coup for the CFL.)

Interestingly when I first played this the little ad that popped up on the video was for tickets to the 'Grey Cup game featuring a halftime performance by the Imagine Dragons'.

Nice marketing CFL!

Never heard of the black dragons.....

Sad that we cannot have Rush or the Tragically Hip perform every year @the GC HT Show!!! :thup:

Well you can't really use The Tragically Hip this year as the NHL and Sportsnet are already using them for the NHL kick-off party in Yonge - Dundas Square this Wednesday. I'm sure TSN and the CFL don't want to look like copycats a few weeks later.

Truth be told I prefer the choice of the Imagine Dragons right now because of how current they are. I actually really like a number of their current hits. Some of their songs are among my current faves to play these days.

Kieth Urban plays first show at THF from Australia now this band from Las Vegas for GC wtf looks like many in Canada have forgotten how much talent is in this country its CFL START using Canadian Acts for big gigs

  1. Name two.
  2. You do know that our players, coaches and caterers (lol) are all ( most) (almost) international.... Right?
    Not a whole lot of canadiana anywhere in our league.

I have to agree with K/P, the Tragically hip are much better. Even bands like the Sheepdogs, another excellent Canadian band. I’m not a fan of the Imagine Dragons.

Keith Urban is a top-draw country artist that, IMHO, would be the “least offensive” to anybody in the listening area of the concert. Imagine Dragons are one of the top five alt-rock bands touring right now. They appeal more to the 25-45 demographic than Rush, Tragically Hip, etc. At this point, there are not that many Canadian acts capable of playing to 60k people.

first time watching the video for Radioactive. now I wish I didn’t. Such a great song now all I will be thinking of is the muppets when I hear it.

I always thought the “demons” song was sung Coldplay. lol

I was in Ottawa for GC 05. Tragically Hip played half time, they were okay but it seemed to me like they were lyp synching, it just didn’t sound right.
Fast forward nine years, my brother went to see them a few months ago at the Alleghany Seneca Casino, they are now doing the Casino circuit. He walked out after a few songs and had a few beers.
They are overrated

I think that the CFL and TSN are trying to go after bigger ratings and want to bring in international acts that are Grammy winners. TSN is only getting around $35 - $40k for a GC ad, but CTV is getting $160k for a 30 second Super Bowl ad, it’s about the ratings

In my opinion they are not overrated. I’ve seen them a couple times once in Vancouver, and in Halifax and they put on amazing shows. This was a long time ago so they might have lost a step. Again,(imo), Imagine Dragons aren’t very good but I do see your point about the CFL trying to attract bigger names for their big game.

Well they don't get great reviews, seems too middle-of-the-roadish for the reviewers according to this article in The Star, but they put on a fantastic show with just enough good lyrics that ends up working. I saw them on Austin City Limits and found them quite good for a band that doesn't get into too heavy lyrics. I would pay to go see them. Comparison to Coldplay I would say is the closest. And Coldplay carved out a fairly decent career.

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Tough to please everyone and not all bands are of course available exactly when you want them.

I like these guys.. good choice...

and I'm old too

Buddie you live under a rock?
The Trews
Our Lady Peace
Arcade Fire
Billy Talent
Monster Truck
Crash Test Dummies
Barenaked Ladies
The Guess Who
Neil Young
Now thats Just off top of my head

Sadies at halftime, ok that would be a bit too much in my dreams to have these guys do it. :wink:

Sure, there are so many great Canadian bands but does that mean it needs to be Canadian bands every year? I don’t think so considering about half the players are American.

That's true. Certainly some Canadians have appeared at big American sports events and sports programming over the year. Drake hosted the Espy's, Shania Twain performed at halftime of the Super Bowl one year, Nickleback were the Thanksgiving halftime show at a Detroit Lions game and other non-Americans have been the Super Bowl halftime show. The Who, U2 just off the top of my head. So why not feature an international artist occasionally for the Grey Cup.

Especially with the game on ESPN2 - maybe you draw a few viewers south of the border by featuring a well known American band at halftime every few years.