Image Guidelines/ Off Topic: CFL Anime Fans UNITE!

I'm sorry about all the images I posted yesterday. I got a very excited because I haven't done it in a while, I'm mad that where don't have Avatars yet, Anime Weekend Atlanta is coming up this weekend down here in Georgia, I;m excited about that.

But now that I think about it, it was very wrong of me to force those images down every ones thots, and I'm sorry.

So I have created some guidelines that I will now follow.

  1. If an image seems unrelated to a topic, I will post only the url and no the image itself
  2. If an image is way to big, I will post only the url and no the image itself
  3. I will try to no post the same image more than once.

and I also cut down on posting images and topics.

I, Kanga-Kucha, promise to uphold what I have said, failer to do so will result in my banisment from this great forum.


Now, any CFL anime fans here except ree and myself???

I Personnaly Am A Hugh Anime Fan. I Went To Anime North And I Gotta Say I Was Really Disapointed And Even Though It Turned Me Off Of Conventions I Still Love The Stuff. Here Kanga, I’ll Give You A Few Sites You Should Check Out:

My Computer Is Extremely Crappy So I Can’t Check The Links. But If The Links Don’t Work Let Me Know.

Thank You! Bamboo!

Everyone, I know you hates these topics, but I'm just trying to find my place on the site.

Um, Bamboo, why does one of your links take one to an anime prone site?


Wow, That Was Really My Bad. :oops: Like I Said I Couldn't Check The Links. Here's What The Link Is Suppose To Be
And Thanks Kanga For Keeping Me Out Of Trouble. I Guess I Forgot That It Was .net is an awesome site, even if you're not a fan of anime. Excellent selection of legal tunes to download. Go Bauhaus, the Pixies, Butthole Surfers, and Ween! All first heard from that site, among other things.