im worried about our defensive line!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok i think we improved overall in all parts of the field except our defensive line.

Im really worried that we dont have any great players for our defensive front four. I think Brandon Guillory will be alright as one of our defensive ends but what about the other one?? what about our defensive tackles?? Darrell Adams played alright last year but hes not great, Matt Kirk?? hmmmm dont know…Jermaine Reid?? Garrett McIntyre?? Alan Harper?? THere are a lot of unknowns here.

From what i see our offense is going to look stronger then our defence this year. I think we need to try and least get some expereience in there to go into training camp with us. Why not pick up Devone Claybrooks in free agency or someone like Eddie Freeman.

what about tom canada?? ok yeah i know he might not be best guy and he didnt want to come here last year…but look at our other options?? he doesnt have much options either but to try his luck here. I think Tom Canada would be better to try out then to assume that Haley or McFadden or even that new draft pick McQuaig is going to do it for us.

Were assuming Cory Mace will come here but there is no guarantee of that either this year.

What does everyone else think??

Isnt the defensive line your biggest area of concern right now??? and just over a month we will playing our first pre season game. ahhhhhhhh :frowning:

That comment ruins your whole credibility as a football fan that knows what they're saying. Darrell Adams is great. The guy had 8 sacks last year and he is a DT. Look at the best DT in the CFL last year.. most have 3-4 sacks per season. 8 sacks is off the charts good for an interior lineman. He is the only D lineman on the roster that is a for sure starter in 09.

About your comments on the other players... do you expect Mike Strahan to be signed or something? Just because YOU have never heard of a guy doesn't mean he is no good. That kind of logic is just retarded.

Sorry to be rude but you really need to think before saying such ignorant things.

ok....but all im saying is that i wouldnt want to make my bets on all rookies this year...i would like to put a few veterans to compete against the job also...why not add Tom Canada, Devone Claybrooks and Eddie Freeman to training camp....

OMG you think thats ignorant to make comments like that?? no i think it would be more ignorant asking you if its ok to slap you and say "told you so" mid way through the season if were 1-8 by labour day and the main problem during those 9 games was our defensive line because we have NO EXPERIENCE>.....sorry buddy...but i think ti cat fans patience is running thin...

Don't forget Guillory.

Big things expected from Mike McFadden

This still Teams Weak Spot IMO
Obie did same thing last year and it Cost Charlie his Job
We need to fix this NOW

We should make playoffs as is but we won't get far if this is not fixed..

There's no real point in worrying about it right now: last year's line was ineffective (with the exception of Adams, who not only had very high sack total for a DT, but also a very high tackle total for a DT, meaning he got to the ball a lot), so they may as well field a DLine of 2 rookies + Adams + Guillory, because it can't get any worse. All of last year's Dline were mediocre and replaceable, with the exception of Adams and Reid due to his NI status, so they've all been replaced. The Ticats may as well try out a bunch of rookies and try to get better that way, especially considering Obie's ability to find talent.

The defensive line is still subpar.

I didn't think anyone on the dline stood out at all last year.

The last 3 years, we have tried to sign the American guys to play across the line and it still had little success.

The pick up of Guillory is good but we need more. I do wish that the Cats would have done more in the draft on the D-line.

I think this is going to be our weakness again this year. Your Dbs and Lbs can only guard someone for so long. This is the main reason why we always gave up the 2nd and whatevers.

It starts in the trenches. I like the oline but not the dline. The dline is going to hurt us if someone doesn't step up.


You can't seriously believe this can you?

OK Onknight, why don't you tell us EXACTLY what you would have done as GM. Tell us all the trades, FA signings, drafts, etc instead of criticizing every move made by O'Bie. Don't forget, you have a salary cap to manage, egos to stroke, and hard decisions to make.

That way, we can actually have some intelligent conversation and debate.

BTW - you notice that I didn't take my own advice there? Its because I could never (in a hundred years) do what O'Bie can in this league...

I'm not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I do Feel that way

Sorry I do Feel that way
If we fail to make Playoffs again it will his job and Prez Scott Mitchel who should be Fired.

I am doing that for story on my blog should ready by next week Sigpig

Guillroy and Adams are pretty much locks. A NI will be at one DT spot and open competition for Imports at the other DE spot. Seeing how there is no 'known' CFL free agent that could upgrade that spot I don't know what people would expect outside of open competition from Import rookies.

When BC had Wake they clearly had one of the best DL's ever as a whole. Why people think Obie cant find anyone to play on the DL is beyond me. He found Adams last year to fill that whole now this year he has a DE spot to fill.

Outside of all of this is the addition of Marshall as DC.

I found Darl Adams to be average and good at times. To be great you have to be a beast and constantly in the back field disrupting plays which Adams doesnt do, not to knock him because he's a quality player but he's not an allstar.

Not getting the players and coaches Charlie needed was Obie's fault. And this did contribute to Charlie's dismissal. Also, CP and JL getting hurt didn't help out as well.

Think about MB, everyone wanted him fired as OC. The only thing different MB did that CT didn't was start Porter.

Porter was a big difference in moving the ball at the end of the year.

I have to agree with Onknight with and expanded explanation. Obie didn't have the right personel in place for Charlie to succeed.

Obie looks like he has stumbled onto a good QB and WR.

My biggest concern this season is still the dline. Obie doesn't win this season as GM, I do see him getting fired. He will have approx. the same time as Desjardins. You can't give Obie more time than Marcel just because he is Obie.

I am excited about MB being our full time coach but will he end up getting the axe early like Marshall did?

There are so many questions on this team but for the on the field stuff, dline scares the heck out of me.

Are there any other CFL teams that are well-stocked with proven D-lineman? If so, is there someone on our roster we could offer that would be attractive? I don't think there is, as I understand it, this is one of the most difficult positions to fill with credible players, even in the NFL.

One other ray of hope, despite the concerns, is what Stefan Ptaszek said on TSN on Saturday: that coaches are best at developing players that played the same position as them. Enter Greg Marshall, our DC. Hopefully he can turn water into wine (it probably won't be that difficult).


I'm not worried at all,we have 2 that will automatically start (Guillory at a DE spot and Adams at a DT spot, both are great players), so we need to fill two more spots. We have Kirk who's a good special teams player, I'd keep him as back up, we have Garrett McIntyre at the other DE spot, we have McCuaig to back up the DE spot, then we have Alex Morrow, Alan Harper, Denis Haley, Mike McFadden, etc. and we MIGHT get Corey Mace. We still have time before camp and now we're getting close to the stage where we test the players and cut the lowest grade players and then we should have a strong team.

What he said.