I'm tried of losing!! Development Year? no thanks!

Does that mean 5 more years added to Bob's the five year plan :roll:

No its two more seasons 2007 and 2008.

you mean its two more seasons before
we have a quarterback who can play
productively on a consistant basis.
not one win,three loses,then another win !

Atleast Ticats fans are consistent…consistent at running every QB out of town…Calvillo, McManus, now maybe Maas. Do remember who turned around Calvillo!

Atleast Ticats fans are consistent...consistent at running every QB out of town...Calvillo, McManus, now maybe Maas. Do remember who turned around Calvillo!
Oh snap!!!

Trust me! after supportting the ahl here in Hamilton for the past 12 years with the Hamilton Canucks and the bulldogs I finnally have had it playing second string to the Americans! If I had money the first thing I would do is bring an OHL team back to Hamilton and bring real Canadian hockey back here!The only Canadian tradition we have left here is the CFL and I have been supporting them for the past 16 years in Hamilton! Lets keep our roots real eh!

Maple Leafs are in a totally different boat. For the most part the Leafs are in constant competition for the cup, making the playoffs 7 of 8 years..now sometimes they are out in the first round sometimes 2nd and sometimes even making it to the conference finals but they are ALWAYS in contention.

The Tiger-Cats are kinda like the Florida Panthers of the CFL they always hover near the bottom, the past 4 of 5 years they have never even been close to contention in anyway shape or form. That is where the disheartening attitude comes from. The only thing that the Cats have been consistant at over the past few years is losing. I have no love loss for my team but I can see why others do.

One thing that Cats fans have in common with Leafs fans is that they always have undying faith. Every season is the season for both teams to take it all. The one thing that seperates the Leafs from the Cats..is that the Leafs come close all the time, where the cats linger behind starting early and are basically doomed to last place by mid-season.

They need to pick it up or face losing some of the fan support. The casual fan is just as important as the Die-hard.

You can correct me on this but I seem to remember Bob O'Billovich turning the Argos from last to first.
His first season was terrible, the second, Grey Cup Champs.
I know there are some financial differences between TO and the Cats, but it can be done.
I also think that Brancato in Ottawa was able to make a great playoff run the year after the RRs were last.
I'm actually hopeful that something good happens because the league needs every game to be competetive for reasons of attendance and to increase the fan base.
Good luck to you guys, EAT EM' RAW!

I remember Ron Lancaster doing something similar with the Cats, only a few years ago. Bring him to Hamilton, maybe?

(mea culpa: I, troll)

For the ticats to have good year they Must Start Winning out of Gate..

They can't be Slow Starters this year..

Did you forget! this is a development year!
This is where you put together the best bunch of
rookies you can find, add a dash of MAAS and
hope for the best.


The Ticats Can't Afford A Rebuilding Year..
a lot Fan Base is Ready to walk
If They Don't have a Respectable year

At least 500 or Better is Respectable
any thing less You See Empty Seats at IWS Soon.
You Really want a happy Fan Base Bob?
Make the Playoffs..

I can't Justify Spending 1500 a Year on Games.
500 for Tickets 300 Food 150 to Park
Gas for Car 300 Year
Ticats stuff Take up the Rest.

I am sure some people Spend More per year.
There Getting to Point they Can't do it too.
There is not a Better Place to watch a Football game then IWS
But we want to See Progress this year.
Win some Games at Home and on the Road
anything less and not worth the price a

Since Bob has Taken Over
We become Maple Leafs of the CFL.
This Team has got worse not better.
Prices have gone up Every Year On Everything
I am starting miss the old Owners they won Us a Grey Cup..
Bob has made A lot good Changes
winning is not one of them
He lost my Respect
He have to Gain it back ..by Winning This year

hey man! I'm right behind you on that.

but don,t get your hopes up!

For those of you losing hope for the 2007 season, consider the New Orleans Saints.They rose from the outhouse to the penthouse in one year.That seldom happens in the NFL but with the draft and free agency, it can be done. Our Cats are going to be just fine this year. I am looking forward to the CFL draft and perhaps some prudent free agent signings.I am amazed that there are some people who find fault with the owner.Bob bleeds black and gold but I guess you can't please every lobotomy.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

Oh! I like to add to this a dash of Butler(who
can't complete even 50% of his passes)

This looks like a fun year(tongue in cheek)

Few losing Seasons?
2006: 4 - 14
2005: 5 - 13
2004: 9 - 8
2003: 7 - 11
2002: 7 - 11
2001: 11 - 7 ......this was the last time we had a "contending" season, the others above can't be considered "winning" seasons if you truely mean winning seasons.

Why or how do the Maple Leafs keep selling out and continue to have such rabid, obsessive fans????
They are majority owned by corporate clients not "fans". The fans are still hungry because they can't watch a game live!

I was a Canadian's fan ....Hamilton got shafted in NHL? How do you drop being a Hab's fan just because Steel town didn't get a team....this doesn't make any sence at all. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: