I'm tried of losing!! Development Year? no thanks!

Any idea’s on how we can improve our chances this year?
:cowboy: :cowboy:

We'll be better but not Playoff Better

Printers...not available. Flutie...not available.

Coaching will change just about everything.

6-12 this season

GOTC, by the way, do you happen to be a fan of the Detroit Lions and Cardinals in the NFL? I’ve heard that on their discussion boards, similar threads are popping up. 8)

As a result of last year's pathetic performance, I won't be buying a ticket to a game this year until I see a competitive team on the field. If they stink again THIS year, I won't even watch the Cats on TV in 2008.

Win now Cats or else.

ticatsackattack with that kind of attitude STAY AT HOME PLEASE !!!! we don't need you !

ticatsackattack shares the views of many, and i predict attendance will drop to 21,000 average.

recent history of the bombers shows that the "development year" is partly a function of the organizations philosophy. If you create a rebuilding attitude that will settle for just be ing a bit better, then you'll get that or worse. (ie Daley) but an attitude to be competitors that reaches from the top guys (Bob, Marcel...) all the way down to coaches and even the rookie players, then you're creating a situation much more conducive to that successful turnaround


It will Drop but not that much 24,500
Would be Closer..

We All have to Remember that People Make Mistakes.
Bob has Said He Made Error in Judgement
When he did his football Side hiring..
In put this club Behind the old 8-ball
we had one good season and Wheels fell off..
cause those hires didn't work..

Now new GM Decisions are still in Question.
So far they been one Bad Decision after another by our GM IMO.

There his to make..
we hired the man
so let him do his job
but remember people make Mistakes..
The biggest Problem is he is Human like all of us.

Here is some casual reading for you since it seems you are a casual fan. :wink:



Do you believe that the Tiger Cats are on such a strong foundation that Mr. Young agrees with your economically unsound approach? I would hope not, but I'm taking the path of your advice.

Regardless how 2007 plays out, my season ticket investment will be reduced to 2 from the 6 which I have purchased for several years now. Why? Because, my business associates and clients to whom I offer these tickets complimentary have increasingly lost their enthusiasm to attend Tiger Cats games and most of my tickets have gone unused the past couple of years. They all cite woeful onfield entertainment.

I happen to agree in principle with Ticatsackattack on this one. The 2007 team is not looking good at this point, acceptable coaching changes aside.

What have we lost??

Cotton - Didnt even have a sack. Not one.
Cheatwood - Blown knee might not even start the season.
Vaughn - 35yr old WR that wants to much money plus Im not a big fan of his attitude.

Cheatwood is the only player if healthy I would be alittle angry if he was released. But he isnt healthy.

The 2007 team is not looking good at this point, acceptable coaching changes aside.
So then I dont really get where your going with this seeing how FA hasnt even started yet.

to early to predict our record for this season. when the final roster & coaches r done then we all can take a crack at guessing wut our record will be.

Go ahead and call me a casual fan or say dont let the door hit my ass etc. etc.
However after not missing a home game in 15 years and actually using vacation days to attend.
Being there with 11000 other die hards , buying in to the belief we would be building four years ago etc. etc.
I myself have not yet decided if I will be renewing.
My ticket is 400 dollars plus and I dont know yet if I myself am willing to give it one more year.
I have never left a game early even when it is raining and we are down by 20 with two minutes to go.
I believe in the tradition and the core aspects of this team but certain moves , releases, signings in the past , near past and what looks like future make me wonder why I should reinvest in this the new Montreal oops I mean Hamilton Tigercats.

I find it interesting that many so-called TiCat fans are ready to jump ship after a few losing seasons.

Why or how do the Maple Leafs keep selling out and continue to have such rabid, obsessive fans after more than 30 years of failure and yearly "rebuilding"?

And a much more expensive "obsession" at that (TiCat season tickets vs Leafs, if you can get them, and even per game tickets)...

(I WAS a Canadiens fan until Hamilton got shafted in the '90 expansion fiasco. Now the NHL and hockey are non-entities to me. Un-Canadian? Perhaps, but I find it hard to support an organization of such questionable character. I'll take the CFL over the NHL any day...)

longtime, what is un-Canadien is not liking hockey or the CHL. Hockey is a great sport. However, not un-Canadian at all to see the NHL now as an American run league since most of the teams are American based and the head office is there and since they don’t see Canadian cities as real good expansion markets, they would rather see Vegas, Houston etc. The NHL is anything but Canadiana and really I suppose it can’t be, it is one of big 4 major leagues and can’t be too sentimental about things. One reason though I love the CFL and CHL, this is Canadiana plus, even if they aren’t the major leagues. Their mandate is Canadiana.


You Guys are off topic, I like to know
what you think about the hiring of some
high caliber players or will there be any?

Laughing hard wrote " The 2007 team is not looking good at this point, acceptable coaching changes aside."

Laughinghard: How can you make this kind of a statement at this stage? Wait until training camp and pre-season and then you can offer us an opinion that might be based on more solid evidence. Why would you think Marcel and Charlie Taaffe would hire sub-standard players?
Some thoughts to consider from last season:

  • you can go out and indiscriminately hire high profile players all you want but without an equally talented coaching staff you can end up with chaos on the field.
    or…you hire a highly experienced GM and coaching staff and build up a “real” team over the next few years.
    After last season’s debacle this team had no choice but to wipe the slate clean and start over. Its too bad it didn’t happen four years ago but at least the Caretaker hasn’t given up. Its his money that’s being invested in all of this.
    So with all due respect… if your business associates and clients want to turn down your kind offer of free tickets next season maybe you ought to find others who will appreciate watching a new era of Tiger-Cat football unfold.

Great post mr63cats,

It was really tough watching the Cats last year but Im sticking with my tickets. You can not say Bob has not tried somethings didnt workout but hes trying. I believe he has made great decisions this year and I will take him up on it.

I really hope other give it atleast one more year because its a whole lot better watching a game with 27 000+ then 25 000 or lower.