I'm thankful for the CFL!

I love this league! The BC/Calgary game is a perfect example why. Any given week, almost anything you can imagine can happen. It is unpredictable, fast and a lot of fun. Being able to afford season tickets also is a bonus!
Long live the CFL, Grey Cup and the glorious BC Lions! :smiley:


Oh ya I hate you :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Don't hate me, hate Paul McCallum :lol:

Hehe, that goes without saying :smiley: , damn Lions look like GC champs to me at this point, nice turn around.

Could not agree with you more! :thup:

It was a great game even though my team lost, BC and Calgary have had some great contests over the last decade and some.

CFL = THE BEST :thup:

I haven't seen that much excitement from a field goal since Jankiowski kicked the 63 yarder. Kudos to McCallum!

Even with my team sucking real bad, couldn't agree more.


Shannon Tweed is Canadian and just maybe....even a slight twist; 2011 half time show Gene Simmons and "KISS" perform. :rockin:
Just saying..........should here something soon I would think.

ArgoT, if Jyles stays healthy and a good receiver or two added, I think the Argos will have the makings of a decent team for next year and the years beyond.

I love the CFL too.

I just wish all 8 teams at least broke even finacially. Maybe with a new TSN contract (Sportsnet will be bidding), we will see that day soon.