I'm still Waiting!!!!!!

Austin says that whoever is put on the field (starter or backup) should play at a high level. No one on the team should be
labeled a backup.

That's all well and good, but not the truth. There is a reason that certain players are starters.

So I am waiting to see the day when all the following players are on the field at the same time.

Until then we will not be a dominate team. 1. Tracy
2. C.J.Gable
3. Rico Murray
4. Courtney Stephen
5. luke Tasker
6.Johnny sears Jr.

I was hoping this year that the Cats would have a heathy start because the opposition is not going to wait until
we heal this time.

Am i detecting a hidden ratio thread behind all this nerd rage? J/k

truthfully the "backups" are doing a fantastic job. We have 2 very close losses on our record.

Fixed it for you.

Agreed, they have been doing a great job. But, would you not say that they would be even better with these players on the field? Perhaps they would have even won those close road games?

This is football, no team ever has all of its player fully healthy. I think the Cats depth is very good except for Oline and DB's. Still the weak links of this team IMO.

  1. He was excuse from practice twice, IIRC, for personal reasons, so I would presume that he would be playing vs SSK, unless Norwood is brought off of the 6-game (No, I am not the Team Doctor, nor any other type of medical professional; I am simply a Tiger-Cats fan that reads [and COMPREHENDS] as much about my favourite team as I can);
  2. Hopefully sooner than later;
  3. Yup, especially with Davis getting hurt in Montreal;
  4. He has been an excellent CB for us, I hope his injury is healing well;
  5. He will take some of the heat off of Fantuz; and
  6. You will have to wait, he's on the 6-game.

I guess I will have to be happy with a late surge of performance in the second half of the season like the last two years.
But I am worried that it may be to late this time. The Argos and Als are better than last year.

Season starts Labour Day.
Stop worrying.
It will turn you into a complainer.

While I agree with GOTC that the competition, in the east, and I'll even add in the RedBlacks, is better this season, I'm not worried because, IMO, it's far from "too late." It's looks like Spinner has consumed a glass of TiCat cult juice. The fact is game 1 is just as important as game 18. If/when the TiCats get over these early season injuries, there's no guarantee there won't be a lot more and, then, it might very well be "too late." The difference between a good team with key injuries, and a not yet there team, with key injuries -- Calgary has 3 victories by a total of 7 pts. Hamilton has 2 losses by a total of 5 pts.

To Put 1) as Adrian Tracy you forgot our dominant book end mr Eric Norwood witch by his twitter I think will be playing Sunday vs Sask
Eric Norwood ?@ENorwood40 15h15 hours ago

Can't wait to play next Sunday, been gone for a minute but I'm back in town

Before the season started, knowing we play our first four on the road, I thought if they could be 2 - 2 before Civic Holiday they should win the East. I still think that. Although the All Wets and blew team look better than they did last year at this time, an eighteen game season is long, and lots can happen.

If they beat the 0 - 4 Greenies on Sunday their record will be 2 - 2. My only worry about Sunday is that an 0 - 4 team is always dangerous. We can't count on Chamblin blowing the game with some questionable calls. Eventually, due to the law of averages, some of his decisions might be right. :wink: