Im still scratching my head

Is there a valid reason why the most exciting and the most creative QB on the team (Timmy Chang, as if you all didnt know who i was talking about)didn't even dress for the opener? I mean I understand why he doesnt start (the almighty dollar speaks loud, they paid printers alot of money)but to not even dress, man what a kick in the teeth. i really hope there is a valid reason for this.

Because the preseason is over. That's when he's the most exciting and creative QB on the team.

During the regular season he is the most inept, and pathetic QB on the team.

Seriously though, he's not that good.

Listen timmy, you got to earn your way onto the field by showing the coaches you got what it takes. Whinning on a fan forum isnt gonna get it done.

8) Ohhh boy !!!!! It's started already !!!! :roll:

If you would just look at the roster you would see that he is on the injured list. He did not dress because he is hurt.

Maybe you should look into things a bit before you go off like that..


Maybe from sitting on the bench????

Ive heard Preparation H will help!

you're an idiot..

andkon has a point- last season when Chang was looking great and all the hype was about him, it turned out he couldn't QB for us to save his life (not that anyone can, really). All the same, I too was surprised to see him not even dressed- but yeah, turns out he's hurt.

Guess what??

Even if he dressed he would have seen no action...would that make you feel a little better?

And if you think that Chang was really injured, you are a bigger one. And if it is possible an even bigger one if you think he will play a down this year as QB.

And by the way....I thought personal insults were forbidden on this forum???

There is a difference between insult and stating the obvious..

You seem to have a real problem with Chang. Did he punch your mom in the face or something?

i cant believe that you people are so down on the guy, he has been here for a year, and as for earning his way on the field, do you think any of the QBs currently on the team have?

Printers is #1.

From last season's performances, Williams outplayed Chang. Simple as that.

Coach must be high on Porter, hence Chang is odd man out.