I'm starting to think this team is cursed

who when and why are we cursed????

You have a good general manager now in Bob Obillovich. Things will eventually change for the better. BC Lions went through some dark patches for a few years. Probably need to change the coaching staff and bring in better players.

Change the coaching staff and bring in better players?.....

so what you are REALLY saying is
keep OB

and sack everyone else

We've been changing the coaching staff and the players for years now. What hasn't happened is that Bob hasn't formally and publically recended his admonishing of the forbidden chant. Before Labour Day would be a good time to do it, Bob. :slight_smile:

tootragic wrote: "who when and why are we cursed????"

tootragic. We are not cursed. We have made some bad hires during the rebuilding since Bob Young and now we are paying for it.
But its never too late. Obie knows his stuff. I would love to see his phone bill for the past couple of months to find out who he has been talking to.
He's up to something for sure. He's too experienced and too canny not to ready with something if he needs it. He's been too quiet lately. :wink: Gives me hope.

Its the new logo..... :twisted:

8) That's all we've done for the past 4 years now !!!

Hmm.. but not with Bob O'Billivich there. I am sure he will have some ideas from being with the B.C. Lions. This is his first year.

Well, if a team keeps having a losing record the coach is the first to go. If you lose another, I cant see Taffe being around much longer. I think a new coach with fresh ideas is in order. Then you have new GM, New Coach (assistants?) and maybe start working on additional players like more experienced receivers, db's etc..

Some think it is the curse of Don Sutherin, since his bitter firing.

We need an old priest and a young priest...

Ticats had Sudsy as a guest coach at last year's (2007) training camp. When interviewed re his possible involvement with a curse on the Ticats he laughed, said he had made up with Ticats (translation - Lancaster)brass. He has now gone into a well-deserved retirement back in the U.S.A.