I'm Sorry!!!!!

Forgive me Bob for I have sinned...

please brace yourselves

I Bought something today...

It's Blue.


I bought something with the numer 27 on it.

It has the name Williams on it.

It was one SALE for $25.

I bought an Argonauts jeresy. :frowning:

Be nice to me... it's my Birthday.

Don't apologize to Bob.... unless your name is Bob and you're trying to look at yourself in the mirror! :wink:

Where did you get it from?

I would love to get one for myself.

I have no issues as long as you don't wear it around town.

I would only every buy 2 argos jerseys, Williams and Flutie!

It's a place called Pro Den in Pembroke.

They have a rack with all kinds of jeresys of players that are no longer with the team.

There was 1 R.Williams jeresy (sorry, I like him) for $25... and it was a Medium. 1 size too small but it fits.

Other notable jerseys were...

J.Lumsden, Ticats, $50 (2-3 of them left). I have one already so I passed... but should have picked one up.

J.Garcia, 49ers, $50

R.Moss, Raiders, $50

W.Sapp, Raiders, $50

K. Warner, Rams, $50

T.Owens, Eagles, $50

Kinda' eerie, Alan_Cooper!

I'm sure Lesley wouldn't want forum users using her pic as a signature on here! No?


:D :D :D

Oski Wee Inhale,

Unlike Mr. Williams... I don't get a 2nd, 3rd or 4th chance when it comes to drugs and my job.

So No Bong For Me isn't so bad! lol

Rusty - get back to work! lol

It's cool that you bought a jersey that has a current Tiger-Cats player on it. Too bad it is the wrong colours...

What do you expect from a bin rat... lol


(I actually did lol)

I'm on vacation though. Three weeks!!! I have 2 left and I'm boooooored now. I want to go back to work!

I'm surprised it cost you$25.00 you could have talked him down to $5.00 easily I image there are racks and racks of those jersey Go to confession my son. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Didn't he get hurt by playing us (Broken Wrist)??? He didn't last very long in the CFL... Lol...

Williams's arm was injured against Saskatchewan at Taylor Field.

"On July 22, 2006, Williams suffered a broken bone in his left arm during a game against the Saskatchewan Roughriders in Regina, Saskatchewan.[11] He underwent surgery on July 23, 2006 to repair the broken bone."


He later had a bad gash on his left Achilles due to a door accident at the Toronto practice facility. The injuries limited him to 11 regular season games.

Oski Wee Wee,

He still played more than Jesse.

8) Yep, he got ripped off deluxe !!! I saw the same jerseys at National Sports in Oakville last week going for $11.95. They had a whole rack of them !!!

Obviously nobody wanted them !!!

I was in Pembroke! Everything is at least 30% more here. It's the sticks.

rusty what the deuce??? just dont wear it when you visit the wynne lol.

Rusty ..you should be sorry and frankly ashamed..When my oldest son was born a dear eldery aunt of mine bought him a double blue "one-zy"...I looked her straight in the eye and told her that she should have known better...and handed it back But a jersey....good god man....Even the homeless should not have to wear that...

LMAO! Thanks for the chuckle. Rusty, I'm sure you'll understand that I can no longer consider you a Ticat fan :smiley: My ex-husband once owned a blue team t-shirt and the publication ban prevents me from telling you what happened to him.

I bought it because I loved that Ricky Williams came to the CFL. He was a star in college and a star in the NFL. Anti-CFL fans started saying that he was going to run all over the CFL... and he didn't. Even when he was healthy he wasn't THAT effective. It shows that the CFL is a dosh-darn good league. I also like that Ricky embraced Canada.

Ahhh i can understand it given those reasons I Loved it cuz i got to sit at IWS with my bro in law during the first exhibition game listening to him sit there and say Ricky is gunna slaughter ur part time players LOL he shut up after a few plays. Also I like the credibility guys like him coming up here and not fairing so well and guys like Flutie going to the NFL and fairing really well gives the CFL. And to be honest as long as we beat the argo's on Labour day I dont really care if you bought urself an Oshea jersey ok nvm i take that one back...