I'm sorry Calgary Posters.......

.....that the fix was in, and the Arbitrator turned Jimenez loose. Looks like Jimenez gets away scot free on the cheap, dirty hit on Anthony Gargiulo. :oops: :oops:

As much as I want my Leos to win and be successful, cheap shots like this don't belong in the game. My son and I both saw the hit, and were disgusted at the time of the hit, and disgusted by the league delays, and now disgusted that Arbitrator has overturned the suspension.

What warrents a suspension in this league?

Putting a player in a wheel chair for life?

Making him a quadrapalegic?


Anthony should be equally p*ssed off at his Players Association for "protecting" the guilty.

Sad sad day!

Sporty what saddens me most is that Wally is a chnaged man. Years ago he would never condone this type of play by a player yet he not only defended this jerk but did not supply crucial evidence. The easy way out of this for Wally would have been to give this jerk a day off from a game. He did not and for that Wally is as much a jerk as Jimenez. I have lost all respect for the BC Lions, the league and the CFL. Anthony has been on at GSG telling the horrors of what happens when a player is put in this position. Truly pathetic. Another guy I dislike is the president of the CFLPA Stu Laird a Stamp Alumni has the power to use this incident to protect both players yet he sits on his hands and does diddly squat. I would like to request the Stamps remove him off the Alumni list for his non actions. Pathetic humans they are.

...no need to apologise sporty, you've let your opinions on the subject be known for quite some time and those reflect the vast majority of the forum here...

...rw05, I'm not so sure that wally had much of an option....I agree that he could have sat him, but obviously JJ felt he did nothing wrong, so by sitting him you all of a sudden open a coach-player rift that hurts the team...in his heart wally probably felt sitting JJ was the correct call, but in his brain he knew he couldn't....it's all about winning baby...

...anyway, like I said in the main forum I'm glad the whole crappy story is done, and I hope for AG's sake he comes to camp healthy and is able to take the field on June 26th, line up across from JJ and tell him straight to his face that he is more of a man that JJ will ever be, and then promptly flatten his ass regardless of whatever play is being run....revenge is a dish best served cold...

Well red we disagree. This whole thing could have been dealt with out it continuing into the new season. You think it is over I do not. I think dirt bag Wally made a mistake. One game is nothing and it is over and done with. Now with him getting off there will be problems for the Lions down the road. Their offensive line will be getting a lot of penalties that just maybe the ref might have let go under different circumstances. They will be under the microscope for sure and then the fan reaction through out the league. This is far from being over. Not to mention that there will be even more rough stuff from opposing players. After all no suspensions will ever be handed out so the league will go law less.

Higgins and Tillman were right. The Lions play dirty. Higgins is the ref boss now. I agree Redwhite. This is not over.

I hope AG can play, despite Jimenez' efforts to the contrary. My question for any Stamp fan to answer, is what are his chances of playing again, how well do you think his leg will hold up?

Well Sambo it appears his chances are slim but he is going to try to make it. He stated he is in an uphill battle. The Stamps stated they will do everything they can for him. But the reality of this is that his career may be over. But the stamps are going to let him decide. A truly sad situation for a fine young man. I am sure every football fan across the league are hoping for the best for him. I hope he can beat the odds.

Thanks for the info 05, I hope he can beat the odds too.

Thanks Sambo I hope to as well he is an outstanding young man. Good luck to your team this year.

I hope he can beat the odds. What happened still makes me sick. Redwhite the more I hear Coach Miller talk the more I like him. Hope our Riders beat BC. Hope your Stamps do to.

Well for me it is anybody but BC. I hope they Get the heck beat out of them.

I wouldn't hold your breath on the Lions getting the crap kicked out of them this season. I think we'll have a pretty good season and hopefully we can avenge that terrible game we played last year at the Western Final.

Lions For Life.

...I think my team will be very well motivated to kick some Lion a$$....

Well Red you can bet the Lions are on everyones menu. Time to watch Wally and his boys sulk. :lol:

Hopefully the Stamps were motivated to beat the Lions the last 3 or 4 seasons. Unfortunately for Stampeder fans, that hasn't exactly happened very often. It shouldnt take an incident like the one that happened last year to motivate your team, and if it does that's sad :smiley:

...its a good point, I won't disagree that there should have been enough motivation on other fronts...in the fierce world of competitive sports though something like this might just be the spark that ignites a gas filled room...

Ya it should be interesting. No doubt the Stamps/Lions games this season (maybe more than ever) will be filled with hate and fierceness.

A new rivalry perhaps? :smiley:

Nothing new Chief. Calgary and BC have alaway had a Healthy Rivalry. I think it heated up when Dunnigan was Head Coach.

Well, it’s been a pretty one-sided rivalry the past few years… 1-7-1 by my count. :lol: