Im sorry but.....

Sure our defence looks great when we are playing crap qb's such as Joseph,Glenn Dinwiddie and company. But take Burris and Pierce for example, they each ripped the Alouettes a new a-hole! I mean they are doing whatever they want running when they want getting the open guys when they want its riduclous. Unless something is going to change Ricky Ray is in town next week we are doomed.

Ps: Duval is really starting to piss me off with his stupid punts and easy missed field goals. It's 4 mins left in the game. Why isn't Macpherson or Brady in?

I hate Tim Burke.

I really do.

Second and long and he has two linemen on the line with NO ONE OPPOSITE CENTRE. Against a quarterback who can easily kill you with his feet. You don't think he'll look over his centre, see a complete absence of Als jerseys, and call his own number? Absolute bull-caca.

I don't even want to get into the last-second TD at the end of the half or his inability to adjust to the Reynolds screen.

I want to talk personnel. Kizer and Smith were both brutal tonight -- Smith blew his coverage on Calgary's first TD. Cox has been dogging it all season long and tonight was no different.

How Kizer and Smith continue to see action when both Boulay and Proulx are healthy and Khalil Carter and Jesse Hendrix are rotting on the PR is completely beyond me. Obviously Burke can't assess personnel properly.

We have the talent on defense, but some of it isn't on the field, and our D.C. can't scheme for anything. Any half-decent offense in the league has a field day with our soft zone coverages and predictable blitzes.

Is there any situation in which we don't play soft zone with 15 yards off the receiver?? It's frickin pitch and catch out there.

You know I woulda just like to win to shut up those critics who say that Montreal is good but can only beat the East. I didn't believe it,but now im startin to
think so. The way we are going and getting our ass beat by Western teams im not anxious for the Grey Cup :frowning:

Montréal was due for a whoopin'.

They can beat the Western teams, there's no question. The west is just as beatable to Toronto, Winnipeg and even Hamilton.

Simple, Montreal played a great game against Toronto last Sunday, and before they know it, they were in Calgary. It was just one of those nights where nothing was going right, and nothing could work. Every team has one of those games. I'm glad it happened now, at this point in the season, where this can only do good for the team, then bad, as they still have a 9 point lead over the Argos in the standings.

Jason Tucker was proclaimed as the Als killer, I have to say Henry Burris get's that name now. You never know if good Henry or bad Henry shows up, but for some reason, whenever it's Montréal, it's always good Henry.

It's really sad how this Defence can't recognize a screen. Every time a screen play is called against us, they pick up minimum 20 yards. And the scheme last night was disgusting. Against a mobile QB like Burris, you need run stop support. Plenty of times, they played with NO middle linebackers. All Burris had to do is run behind his centre and get's an easy first down.

107 yards for a TD on 5 plays! Wow. You can't blame this Defence though. Dropped passes, Calvillo throwing 3 INTs, Larry Taylor fumbling at the 1. These are uncharacteristic of this team. That's why I know, "it was just one of those nights."

Basically, this was the 07' Als that played last night. This isn't the same squad that played this season. It's definately not the end of the world, and I think they will bounce back and have their way with the Esks next Sunday.

Ryooon, you make some good points, but unless this defense improves, there is no way we'll 'have our way' with the Esks, because Ricky Ray will eat us for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, even without Jason Tucker.

I'm pretty confident the offense will rebound, because they're shown their quality all season long. The defense? I'm not sanguine. Unless Burke starts calling a better game and realizes that Kizer and Smith need to sit, nothing much is going to change.

Smith bites so easily on short routes it's laughable. He is constantly getting beaten over top and this becomes super-dangerous when he has no support. He's so eager to come up and make a play that he is putting us at great risk by blowing coverage.

Kizer is just brutal. I don't know what Burke sees in this guy but he is not getting it done at halfback. With Cox not playing particularly well this year, our inside is soft as butter. Our corners (Sanchez and Estelle) are pretty strong, but opposing QBs can move the yardsticks at will just by finding open receivers in the slot.

This was a game Calgary was supposed to win. That's what happens when you drop a game at home that you should win.

Defense still needs work it can't seem to cover the entire opposing offense.

3 mistakes before the half possibly cost the als the game.

Shiat happens, In a way I'm glad the als drop one here and there, you learn more when you lose then when you win.

Onwards and upwards...

Good game Boys!

This would be my new starting secondary:


There's something that has to be said, here.
I watched the doubleheader last night and there's one thing I noticed. When the Argos got behind the eight-ball, they folded their tent. The Als, on the other hand, fought to the end. Calgary was the better team, last night. It happens.
You guys are right insofar as there always be room for improvement.
Nevertheless, the '08 Als are a team with a contender's attitude. Last year, I submitted posts calling them a team in decline.
That is definitely not my attitude, this year.

I like Smith and Kizer. They are rookies...and they are good football players.

How can you expect athletes that have to perform to the top to make the difference to win to do that when the game starts at 10 or 11 PM and the team only has one night to catch up the jet lag ?
That might sound has a sorry reason to some but really, this is a real handicap for eastern teams. East visit west games should be played in the afternoon, especially when the visiting team played its last game on sunday.

Another thing, this game was lost in the last 2 minutes of the first half. I missed the last quarter as it was getting late and I fell asleep. I was very pleased to see that these guys had character enough to score 20 points in the 4th as it was freakin late for them too. I’m still confident with this team and I am sure AC will bounce back.

Bounce back?
What is there to bounce back from?
309 yards passing with 2 tds and 30 points on the board!
Is the D that needs to bounce back if you ask me

this loss is no big deal. I'm just glad we didn't lose another player to injury.

Als need to disguise their defensive schemes better and Desrivaux you too short to try and catch one handers 15 feet in the air.

And those beating up on Duval, That punt he let off on the bad snap. He's the only kicker in the league that can get that off. Just lose the red tights Damon...please

As I said, I missed the 4th quarter and I was thinking of the 3 interceptions, one that gave the ball at the 30ish als line and ended up with a TD at the end of the half. But I agree with you with the D, the D line couldn't pressure Burris (this guy is like a piece of soap...) and the back field was obviously a problem.

If Kizer is so good, why was he released and then re-signed? If both are so good, why weren’t they part of the starting roster coming out of training camp? And frankly, what have they done to make you think they’re good players? Have they made a play, done anything on the field to show their worth? Because all I see is them getting beaten game in and game out.

I agree with HfxTC. What I especailly like about Smith is that he hustles and is a punishing tackler.
The kid's got heart.
As for Kizer being cut and re-signed, the same thing happened to Charleston Hughes in Calgary, and we all all saw the great game we had against the Als.
As for the loss to the Stamps, you can ask whether the Als' defence was that bad or was the Stamps' offence that good.
I would say it more so the latter than the former. The line did get pressure on Burris but he was amazing.

Calgary offense that good? Please. Desperately hurling up a Hail Mary pass into quadruple-coverage with no time left on the clock and watching your receiver somehow come down with the pass isn't a superior offense. It's a defense that can't cover, period.

So the only requirement for a safety is hustle and the ability to tackle? I can't remember the last time I saw Smith deliver a hit that actually knocked a ball loose. Making tackles after the receiver has picked up the first down isn't a particularly stellar attribute. I'd prefer a safety who could actually read the quarterback's eyes occasionally and make a play on the ball. Or a safety who doesn't blow his own coverage in our end zone, leading to an easy Calgary TD.

It's time to face facts. Buck Pierce racked up 500 yards of offense against us, moving the ball at will. Burris ripped us for 45 points. Our defense, it seems, only looks good against the pitiful East division. It can't handle any team from the west. And IMO it is going to be ugly next week when Ray and the Eskimos roll into town.

Calgary is an awesome football team so are the Lions. Als according to the football experts were supposed to finish last. They are the class of the East by a wide margin and can compete with the best teams in the league.

Duval is a good kicker and very clutch. Unfortunately he has a bad game every once in a while...always has.

This isyear ONE of something that could be great. I'm very proud of the way these guys take to the field every game.

I keep saying this is a work in progress.

They fixed the Oline
They fixed the running game
They fixed the pass rush

Give them a f...chance and chill out.

Duval hasn't had just one bad game. He tanked against Toronto as well.

Hfx, when you can actually provide backup to support your position other than mindless cheerleading and blather about how we should be happy with what we have, I'll gladly hear it. Until then, shut the f up and leave the discussion to people who actually know what they're talking about.