I'm Sorry BUT

Jason Maas does not want to be in Hamilton never mind play for the Tiger Cats. Period. I have felt this for a long time but have bit my tongue until now. His heart is in Edmonton as well as his family hence the display of his talents tha past two games.
Yeah, yeah I know he is a professional athlete and will give his best game every time he is on the field blah blah blah!!!!!
If he wanted to play for the Tiger Cats he would display the professionalism every game bar none. He would have made arrangements to sell the family business and disassociate himself somewhat from the Eskimos family and have his own family move to Hamilton or at least out of Edmonton.
What will he do when Danny Maccioca gets canned after the Eskimos do not make the playoffs this season? Does he honestly believe that the Eskimos want him back after the season he has had and his buddy Danny is not the coach anymore and his buddy Ricky Ray is still the NO. 1 QB?
It is a shame that the Tiger Cats brass would sign a player that would not put his heart, soul and family into each and every game for the Ticat family.

Not sure if your right or wrong on the Maas situation but he sure did not produce today. He had guys open early and failed to deliever.

I agree that Maas looked far more comfortable at QB against Edm and this week just did not have it. Yes he looked up tight and out of sync.

Maas needs a sporst psychologist for sure. It couldn't hurt. He needs to learn how to channel his anger.
I also agree his wife should sell her business and move the family to Hamilton, or at least get somebody to manage the business for her. Their kid isn't in school yet, so there's no issue there. As for his man friend Macciocia - he better get over that fast.
At least now that the season is officially over, hopefully we can see Eakin and Williams perform. We need to know what we have at back-up quarterback. And they couldn't possibly do worse than Maas. Couldn't possibly at this point of the season.

I think Mass felt comfortable against Edmonton because their defense..s**ks..,but no excuse for missing the receivers early in the game!

A good coaching staff with definable, well-thought out systems beats a sports psychologist. :wink:

2007 can't come soon enough.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think insisting antibody's wife should sell their business and move for their spouses job that will last for 3 years tops had better think about what they are saying. Why the he double hockey sticks should she give up her permanent life for his temporary one. Its Jason that needs to learn how to deal with the 6 month absence or retire from football if that's really his problem. I believe you guys need to learn that players families have no obligation to their teams and many players have lived away from home because their families' welfare was more important than their own. Anyone suggesting that Man's wife should sell her business and move here needs to sit down relax and remember that there are more important things than football.

A sport psychologist is not going to help Jason Maas. Also his wife selling her business and moving here NOW is not going to help the Tiger Cats. He does not want to be here…PERIOD!!
And Turbo - nobody is INSISTING anything, however, firstly the business cannot be that old or permanent, secondly if the family was really supportive of his career they would be where he is, thirdly and yes Turbo you are correct that maybe Jason cannot deal with the absence from his family and if so he should have known this before accepting the job with the Tiger Cats, and lastly he should have been honest with the front office and said that he probably could not give his best without his family being here.
I’m sorry BUT i just feel that he does not want to be here, that he wants to be with his family and his buddy’s in Edmonton.
What a shame, a very talented athlete but not really a professional one.

From you

"He would have made arrangements to sell the family business and disassociate himself somewhat from the Eskimos family and have his own family move to Hamilton or at least out of Edmonton. "

sounds like insisting to me

from Castaway
I also agree his wife should sell her business and move the family to Hamilton, or at least get somebody to manage the business for her. Their kid isn't in school yet, so there's no issue there"

more insisting IMO

Time to get some perspective. You brought in his families obligation to jump to the Ticats whims nad are calling Maas unprofessional. He may be a lousy QB but his family situation is none of your buisness.

from Castaway


If you are going to quote from some one else’s post please do not be selective to make your point but quote the whole scenario such as ‘If he wanted to play for the Tiger Cats …’
That really does not sound like insistence. Only suggesting if this athlete was a professional he and his family would do what is necessary to advance his career.
The only thing that I would insist on is that every player on the team should earn their salary, not just go through the motions, biding their time.

Daddy's choking in Hamilton.
Mommy's busy operating a business!

I feel sorry for their neglected child.

After years of BRUTAL teams it is hard to be rational about it anymore. On the one hand a lot of things seem to be going right (overall the defense played reasonably, special teams went well). On the other hand Jason Maas stunk. After the first half I was surprised that they didn't give Eakin a shot. Loyalty is good, but it has to be discouraging to the guys working and producing and having no chance because of the lack of quarterback. What's up with this...after two good games against Edmonton there is no need to work anymore? I mean Maas was missing guys WIDE open. The third string quarterback for BC made Maas look like an amateur. It was embarassing to Maas, the team and the city to have this guy start the second half. The guy looks completely unprofessional, cursing and hanging his head after all the two and outs. We have the nucleus of a good team but could always use some Offensive linemen and Defensive rush ends and (and this is a big "and") a quarterback that wants AND has the abilities to win. A team in the CFL without a quarterback is going nowhere. Maas has been shown a lot of loyalty over the first 16 games, in the last two it is time to see what the back ups can do. In the off-season a quarterback has to be the prime consideration. If Maas starts producing maybe he can make the team next year.

MAAS will still be our #1 QB next year
trust me. may be he will have new backups.
but those backups will have very little
CFL experience.

You are probably right GOTC, because good quarterbacks are so rare. On the other hand, management has to deal with the bloodlust of the TiCat fans and keeping Maas is going to be a tough sell.

I disagree. If Maas is here at all next year, it will be as a backup. His inconsistency has made it impossible for the team to keep him as a starter. If they do, it will have a definite effect on season ticket sales.
I think the fans need assurances that something very positive is going to happen in the quarterback and head coaching departments or they will stay away in droves.
I think Turbo is correct also, to say that Maas's first priority should be his family. Family MUST come before everything else. Football careers are brief anyway and sometime within the next few years, Jason Maas will, no doubt, be involved in another career. (Other than being a quarterback) Why should his family change their lives and location to accomodate Jason. Nobody is making hime play football, but lets face it, most of the time he isn't
anyway. I'm not really sure what he's doing out there.

have to agree, it appears Maas’ head isn’t into being a cat - even he said as much when he commented it was great to be home, with his family and buddies on the esks.

as for seeing the backups - hahahaha - it’s ronnie as coach - he’ll keep Maas in until 2 minutes left in each game, it’s what he’s always done.

as for qb’s - why can’t we ever get and develop one, how many times do we have to get beat by a 2nd or 3rd stringer to understand we must be doing something wrong?

I agree with turbo on this. I think it is ridiculous to suggest that Jason Maas should tell or insist that his wife sell her busines to come to Hamilton with him while he plays football. That is HER business. If she decides to sell it, fine. If she decides to stay in Edmonton to run it, fine. If she decides to hire a manager to look after it so she can come to Hamilton, fine. I'm glad that the Maas family is mature and modern enough that the husband does not tell his wife what she has to do.

I hope Jason is here next year, plays great and is a very successful starter for us. He's been a CFL MVP, he's been a player of the week as recently as this year, and I hope he does it for us in future.

I get the feeling that those who say he doesnt want to be in Hamilton are some of the same people who were saying that about Corey Holmes before he signed on long term.

Maybe, or maybe not: the call will come from the new HC in the end. And new coaches usually like to put their stamp on the team right away.

Maas's wife is smart to keep the family business going strong
her husband's going to need a job soon

It seems like something is unbalanced in Maas' head. He looked completely different in the two Eskimo games and completely horrible in all the rest.

Trade him back to Edmonton. Cut the loses.

I doubt Maas will be back. The team does want to sell tickets after all. Trade him ASAP. He hasn't done anything to deserve another chance.