im sooo , sooo FN pissed

I know that some fans from other teams feel Pao Pao is a part of the problem in Hamilton.


I tend to agree. I would probably fire him if I was in charge.

He is no better than last year's OC.

There seems to be rumours that he is running an offence that the QB isn't comfortable with, and that is a bad thing in my opinion.

I agree willy. Maas is THE leader and needs to be in a comfortable environment.

Bombers:putting the Win in Winnipeg
Hamilton: Putting the Ha! in Hamilton!!

Bombers= 2006 GREY CUP CHAMPS

why even waste your time and words talking in this forum Hamilton isnt even worth having a forum for!!!

All u ticats fans GIVE IT UP! i feel sick when i watch them play

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Hey buddy im 12 and i know more then all of you stupid people who even belive in the ticats and go to there games and support them?? i would wipe my ass with there jerseys.!!! Get over it!! ticats have no chance! just face the music Winnipeg are the '06 champs1

Then get lost Brat