I'm So Smart!

Back on Sept 8 we were 2-7. I posted a topic "Something Positive". At the end of it I said ..."see you at Tim Hortons Field in November for the playoffs". All the Negative Nancys out there vented the usual drivel about how bad we are. There were a few who sided with me and I call those folks Super Smart!

The only reason this team finished 9-9 was because of my positive attitude , good looks and football knowledge which of course no one listens too. But...if I'm so smart, how did I not see the 1-8 Jets beating the Steelers this past Sunday thereby costing me my $480.00 Pro Line ticket?

You know me at the games...I'm, the guy yelling...throw it!, throw it!...or sometimes it's RUN! RUN!

Off to Vancouver we go!

And if they had missed the playoffs, would we have seen this post entitled "I'm so dumb"? I doubt it. :roll:


Ah...a member of the other society that plagues this website...The Debbie Downer group has an opinion!