I know that we have come off of a win against the argos but, i went into watching this game, thinking "HEY! maybe we can actually win 2 games in a row!" but nope, we can't do that. now im not gonna pretend to have any answers for the loss or for the way most of the season has been going, but im just venting how tired i am of people feeling sorry for the cats or making fun of how pathetic we are, and yes i know we are.

I'm just so sick of losing. I think also what makes it worse is we have a long time till we play again, and im gonna miss the football :thdn: ...and i just about had a temper tantrum lol after this game, i can laugh now that i've cooled down a bit but im still ticked.

ill always be a cat fan but im just fed up of losing!!!!! i probably echo many fans' thoughts, id like to hear your thoughts on what we can do to do better.


wait for the air lift!

ill always be a cat fan but im just fed up of losing!!!!!
It's been a long, long, road...LOCKHART. I think you are saying the words...of many.


3 words for you. "Offensive play selection"

3 words for you. "Offensive play selection"
yep thats part of it i'm sure.

i completely agree with this thread (although who doesn't) i just don't know if i can take this anymore....year after year of being so bad.

Unfortunately, Rrichie can't execute complicated offensive plays.

What he does is run around like a demon and occasionally dump off to a wide open receiver.

Get used to it there's lots more to come this season. i predict this disgraceful loss will pretty well break the team's back. Any optimism that might have been building will be lost.
Sorry Charlie, the fun is all gone.

Get used to it there's lots more to come this season. i predict this disgraceful loss will pretty well break the team's back. Any optimism that might have been building will be lost. Sorry Charlie, the fun is all gone.
do you really think so?

Yup, that's of it too, especially when he's not giving the ball to the other team for TDs.

THAT'S refreshing!

I share your pain and frustration.

This uck!

A team can't keep losing especially to a 1-6 team and not get discouraged. The only saving grace is that some of our best starters were not in the game. They damn well better be in the next game whether they are limping or wearing a cast. Time to play with some pain boys. Even with Printers and Lumsden this team has not learned how to win. I hope I'm wrong but i think it's over.

yeah i would be discouraged at 1-6 too, especially lookin at the past few years, they're probably thinking here's another season down the drain..

i'll puke if i ever hear the line "as long as we beat the argos labour day" or "the cats will be up for labour day like always".
being accountable or lack of it i should say is my biggest problem on this team, and the costly mistakes usually happen at critical times in the game.
each game must be played with desperation every week and it shows a character flaw when you know we can't put together 2 wins in a row.i don't feel it's one thing such as coaching ,etc i feel it's all aspects as performance, preperation and having a killer instinct to put teams away.
that was another very winnable game again and we blew it.

I've been watching the CFL for a lot of years and I can't recall a team as bad as this one and for so long too. They are so bad, I'm hard pressed to put my finger on the problems. Usually, when a team is not doing well, you can point your finger at this or that as remedies but with the Cats, they are bad everywhere and in so many ways--coaching, execution, motivation, gameplanning...... You'd think that after the win last week, they'd come out smoking but instead, these guys gift wrapped a winnable game to the Peggers.

The Cats have caught the dreaded Leaf-itis disease--the inability to win year after year with no light at the end of the tunnel.

An Argo-Cat fan

Sad day. I was really excited for a win and then a big time clash (finally) on Labour Day.
Now, the Labour Day game is, again, between a bottom feeder and someone else with little implications.

This is how rivalries die.

slodrive: It will change eventually. The rivalry will take more five years of poor teams to kill.
My biggest disappointment of the season was last nights game. It was a chance to put two back-to-back wins together as we head into the bye week but we did not do it.
Obie and Scott Mitchell must know where the problems are. If they don't do the right thing, their jobs will be on the line too.
My money is on Obie to come through like he has with every other team.

Last All Heard on this fourms
Was I wish we where more Games with Chance to win.

Will Now we are .

People Fans are still not happy.
Hamilton FansAre never happy unless it is grey cup every year and our backup QB is Leading us to it.

We Made Huge Strides this year and Everyone is too Blind with Rage to see it

See my Top 5 Good Things Post.

People where Tired Of Field Goals
Touchdowns and Offence are UP!!!

Last Years DB's where Getting Beat Like Goverment Mules
There now making more Plays

This Team is Better then Record
People in Tigertown are too dam blind to see the Truth.

thing that bothers me is the inconsistency from game to game, personally i can handle progress, i have for 6 years now,
but there has to be a time soon when this club takes the next step.putting back to back strong wins will do tons to this team's psyche.

I Agree and Some new players on Dline and Oline
will Only help make that Goal.

add another player here and one there and we have a playoff team.

This Team has Made Huge Strides
Ask Every head Coach in the League
They will say the same thing this team is better then team as Last Year.