Im so pumped!!!

New season coming up, brand new website, new jerseys and the new magazine....oh and the Argos repeating in 2005. :smiley:

Damon healthy = Argos repeat

Argos repeat = Apocalypse

New argo site also

I am just itching for the camps to open. Argos will repeat, and continue their dominating streak on the pussy cats!


WHO has the CFL........CBC DVD........THE 2004 GREY CUP EXPERIENCE?

You should all be thanking Damon Allen for your Grey Cup last year.

I really shouldn't have been, but I was still amazed how well he picked apart Montreal's defense with such precision, and opened up BCs defense with big plays.

You know, I think he's the best ever CFL quarterback that played his entire professional career in Canada and never went South.

I can't see the Argos getting past the mighty Riders.

I counted more Rider fans at the Grey cup then any other team.

Rider fans are #1!!!!

Well , there were 4,000 ARGOS fans.......... in OTTAWA , at last years GREY CUP.

Any of you guys coming down for the Ex game in Halifax between the Argos and Ticats on June 11? Meet and Greet at Peddlers Pub from noon to 4 before the game.


Be careful , this is ARGO LAND.............. :wink: :lol:

Athough a Q.B. is only good as his team..........ALLEN , had a great DEFENCE.

They put....... ANTHONY C. out of the game. BLOCKED a punt and had an interception for a T.D.!

AND............. ALLEN , who , believe or not , is 3rd in ALL TIME CFL, rushing. :wink:

That doesn't include his , ALL WORLD FOOTBALL, passing records.

He even out did his brother in either league for RINGS. :smiley:

Love to see lots of Argos fans at the party too !!! :smiley: