I'm sick of seeing that face after every INT!

After every interception good 'ol Jason Maas always makes this stupid looking face and slaps his chest as if to say "my fault, sorry".

I'm getting sick of seeing it.

Hoenstly, I wonder if the defence sits there and swears under their breath everytime Maas coughs up the ball.

I think there are a few QB's playing Pop Warner football down in the States that could throw a longer ball than Maas.

The experiment is over.

Anthony Calvillo did wonders here as a backup, and faultered as a starter.

Maas, when backing Ricky Ray, was exceptional, but as a starter he has been caving under the pressure.

Start Richie Williams, and use Maas as a backup.


While you're at it, get rid of that right offensive tackle Powell....what a useless lump he is....I don't recall ever seeing a poorer "effort" from an OT than what I saw from him today.

And spare me Eakin...we already know what he can do....diddly squat, give Williams a shot and then start looking at some NFL castoffs to audition for next year......