Im scared

Were coming off a bye week i heard there were fights in practise and i dont know if we will show up at game time tonite

We have been close in every game this year. Why would that suddenly change?

I am expecting a close game. I have a funny feeling that we may come up on the short end tonite but I don't see us getting blown out.

every team fights in practice ...

Fights in practice just mean that they're ready to play.

They're pumped up and in game form... no biggie.

But I am scared that we're going to lose. I think we're going to be 4-4 after tonights game. Which I am still totally cool with. But... I HOPE I AM WRONG! (again)

As other posters have mentioned, scuffles at practice are fairly normal.

It's the nature of the sport's physicality.

I hope the Cats carry that emotion over to Edmonton tonight and lay a good old fashion beating on them. :twisted: