I'm really starting to hate this Mullins Character..

who does he think he is?

his ridiculous ideas are a joke! he clearly has no idea about tradition and keeping the game Canadian..

he's too concerned about other stuff.

Did you miss the part where he suggests going reverting to some older, more traditional rules?

ya but I don't like those.. I may be one of the few but I do prefer the current OT format.

I'm not sure how you could defend against change on the basis of tradition before, but then ignore tradition when you like the change. Either we keep rules the way the are because of tradition or we don't. You can't have it both ways.

I agree with the OT format. Get back to playing football.
In fact, I'd have no problem ending a regular season game with a tie.
When it comes to the playoffs, let the boys play football and decide it themselves.
I don't mind the current "shoot out" format, but it sucks compared to just playing real football.

As for the crossover, I really hope once the CFL is a 10 team league, we get rid of the practice and let the divisions actually have some significance other than historical rivalries.

What I like about what Mullin said about overtime: If T.V. is a consideration, make it two, three-minute halfs with the same timing rules that apply in regulation at the end of a half.

The two teams have to work the clock.

Both teams have to use their return game.

And, both teams have to work with or against the elements. I maybe one of the few that would consider this as well.

I really disagree with his one suggestion, 2 game series in playoffs determined by overall points?
Thats really stupid.

Who wins or loses a game is the victor, if you win one game by more than you lose by, it doesn't necessarily mean you deserve to go on.

Can’t say I disagree with any of his suggestions. Claiming his suggestions to be ‘Un-Canadian’ is unfounded. He refers to previously used OT and playoff formats and makes an unbiased, by-the-numbers critique of the play clock. That critique is nothing new and has been mentioned several times on this board. Our playclock is not ‘faster’.

I will say that the drawback of eliminating the crossover and going to a 4/2 qualification in the event 4th in one division is better than 3rd in the other is that the 1st place teams would lose what would otherwise be their hard-earned bye through events out of their control.

OT will never be perfect. My idea of a good OT format is no OT. 60 minutes of hard fought football with no one on top is exactly that… a draw.

You guys care about collumnists???

People are funny. Lots complain that the media doesnt pay enough attention to the CFL. Here we have a guy who’s devoted much of his professional time to the league and words like Hate get thrown around. But consider the source I guess.

I have a general dislike for the media, but the only sports"writer" I have no use for is Tony Gallagher.

well it may not be long until there is no hard print media around, so you will no doubt be a happy camper.

that wont make the media go away. Specially paparazzi types, stupid sports commentators and sideline reporters, etc.

Oh I thought you said the only one you had no use for is Gallagher, a print guy. There’s more?

But some rules apparently are more traditional than others you see ... :roll:

Come join us Eskimo fans FYB you are miserable out there in BC!
(see Fan Free Agency Thread)

TSN doesn't seem to have a problem with the OT format as is so TV would not appear to be a problem. Besides, the last 3 minutes of the game are the longest 3 minutes in the game - I wouldn't be surprised if it took longer to play those 3 minutes than it would to play the first OT.

Both teams already have to work with or against the elements when there are 2 OT periods played (I can't remember the last time a game was won in one OT).

What I was getting at Blue Blood was a kickoff to start O.T. so thus the return game would come into play. Otherwise I’m O.K. with the format as is, although years ago I did enjoy O.T. games that was/were played back then.

Yes but not many fans stayed that extra 30 mins, like the nhl. And its better for tv

And what I was saying, regardless of whether there is a kick-off or punting or whatever, that playing OT with the clock running and the same timing rules as the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter would make OT last longer than it does now.