I'm really getting sick and tired of it........

The title says it all people...... I don't know what to say anymore. Except I feel like I want a divorce!! Same BS year after year.. Decade after decade (except late 90's)! A friend of mine has been telling me for years that we are cursed..... Starting to believe it folks!!
Before the year starts we are force fed all these reasons as to why our team will be great... The players tell us why... Management tells us why.. The coaches tells why and even TSN tells why. We see the changes made right... It looks really good sometimes. These promises keep us interested and the love blossoms as spring approaches. Its the "Great Elixir" or poison for the previous season let down.
The season starts and with few and far between glimmers of hope and brilliance, it keeps us hooked for the rest of the pathetic season.
In short, I will always love the Cats but..... See title^
What a Joke!! :thdn:

But how do you really feel?

I can understand these sentiments the night of a tough loss, but the morning after? As Keyshawn Johnson would say, come on, man!

You're 3-5, only 4 points out of first place, at barely the halfway mark. You lost a close game to my Als in their own stadium, but whipped them senseless at Ivor Wynne a few weeks ago. You've beaten Toronto, and you can beat Winnipeg. Why the doom and gloom?

Until 2002, I'm sure Als fans were talking about our team in the same way: we were cursed, we had nothing, we couldn't finish, we even FOLDED for a time, and we hadn't won a Grey Cup in 25 years. Nobody really ever sees a dynasty coming. Am I saying the Cats will be a dynasty? No, but you have to stay patient. This is the most talented Hamilton offense I've seen in a long, long time. On ST, Congi has been solid, and Williams is in a class by himself. If the D can improve its run D and pass rush to be middle of the pack, I would not want to face Hamilton in the playoffs, I'll tell you that.

Its just hard to see the light at times ya know................ :thup:

This is one of the best posts I've ever read on here. Thank you DNP.

Thanks for that. Believe me, I can understand the frustration when your team is losing. A lot of what I write in an Als game thread or immediately following a loss is pretty over the top. But in the long term, contenders are built patiently, even when fans and media are questioning whether the team should blow it up and start over. After 2007, did anyone think the Als could build a winner around an apparently washed up and broken-down Anthony Calvillo? After 2008, we were all convinced (and I'm not excepting myself here) that we were doomed to be bridesmaid but never a bride. The Grey Cup losses were piling up; we were 1-5 in the big game. Two years later and TSN is throwing around the word 'dynasty' as we come off back-to-back championships. The brilliance of a GM lies in sticking to his vision and being patient enough to bring it to fruition even in the face of skeptics. I've been critical of some of Obie's moves, but if you really believe in him, you have to let this team work through its growing pains. Blowing it all up and starting over is what the franchise has been doing for the past decade, and it hasn't been particularly successful.

I hear ya.
However, minus some unlikely series of fumbles, bad calls and non-call and a few other things we would have won the last 2 games. I've said it on here after the first game...R. Williams isn't the answer for us at ML. Clear up that problem and start Cobourne, and we are better than most teams. I have faith that it's going to be a good year for us in the end.

The team will not be getting rid of Rey Williams and he is not a problem with the team. He's in the top five in tackles and is the leader of the defense. There is no chance he is getting replaced any time soon.

He may be in the top 5 in tackles. But, we are last in almost all defensive stats. I mean we have twice as many points scored against us as BC does.
Getting back to Rey Williams. If a team thinks they can run on you they will. Thus, increasing Rey's tackle ratio, but not before too many yards are gained on those running plays. I'm spoiled by the need for a Tiggle or Zambiasi type hitter with instinct who's a natural in that position.

So is Williams the problem or is it the players in front of him? Those tackles only happen after yards are gained because the line isn't clogging the holes. You can't put the blame entirely on Williams. I think he has played great and has probably been Hamilton's best defensive player.

I believe it's the Hitchcock factor. Like Rob, there's something about Rey people like. In Hitchcock's case he often put on the big hit but more than often a little too late getting to the play.

It's a big field and takes all 12 guys to make any one guy look good.

Or..... it takes one Earl to make himself look bad.

Go watch the Bills you anti-Ticat :o

If I was an “anti-Ticat”… I wouldn’t give a darn Shelly