im ready

Its opening day and I dont care if it rains...hails...or if gail force winds allow Nick to only punt for a 50yd average...I am ready.

I will sample the new some new gear and walk my 10yo over to section 22 and sit for a pregame moment in the seat his grandfather inhabited for 22 years.

For opening day of every ticat season is about family, memories and hope. I am ready!!! This is our team and our league and i dont care what anyone says...i am not effected by the "Toronto is a world class city crap and only the NFL will do". This is entertainment and sport that is deeper to me than a point spread.

So please join me on opening day...three generations will be horse tommorow...4mydad.

I Hear yeah i was up at 4:30 this morning i'm ready to see some football not just football hard nose winning football put your shoulder threw someone kinda a football.

4mydad! I couldn't have said it any better myself!

I, too, am READY !!!!

Hope springs eternal for ALL CFL squads as the season GEARS UP for opening night ... but, arguably, NO OTHER FANS have as much to ANTICIPATE as US, Tiger Cat Backers !!!!

I'll be bringing BOTH friends, and family to this evenings FESTIVITIES ... Lets ALL do our part to ENSURE a FANtastic beginning to the New Season !!

It looks like Obie has held up his end of the bargain, and has brought in some REAL TALENT this year ... now its up to the players, and coaches to HOLD UP theirs !!!

Bring it On !!!


I have been attending games since the early 90's.. ever since I heard on the radio about those guys climbing atop that billboard to save the Tabbies...but this is the first year I purchased season tickets..reading up on all the topics posted on this forum I must say I am getting stoked! So stoked I may try to get in on the bus trip to that other city across the lake...I've never been to Sky Dome...GO CATS GO!!!!

Tonight begins a new era for the Tiger Cats!!!. Back to winning some games and back to the tradition of hard nosed, steeltown football.

I`m pumped about this season, also. I know this will be a turnaround year for us!!!

Go Cats :rockin:

I just saw my first Ti-Cats shirt of the day here in Halifax! Decided to chat the guy up in the park…and an hour later I am back in time for the game…lol I did the Oskee Wee Wee!

As a bonus, I found out my Super is a Ti-cats fan!!! Wooo!

6 minutes until it starts :slight_smile: