I'm ready for one heck of a battle

Just wanted to state that I think this is gonna be an amazing game today. Ya the east final is on, Stokes just ran one back, but quite frankly I couldn't care less.
The Riders are playing today against the Lions and it to quote good ol' JR from the WWF its gonna be a slobberknocker. I expect big plays by both teams, big hits, a few scuffles (not fights, the coaches have them on a tight leash I think). I am so pumped for this game.

Regardless of the outcome I think we all know that there are two good football teams going out there to play today and the best one isn't neccesarily gonna win, its gonna be the one with the most heart.

Go Riders Go

why would u not care? if your team wins its winnipeg your facing.

I anxious for this game to start.

Me too. I hope we win by alot. Last game I almost had a stroke and a heart attack 2 minutes apart...

Well I care now, but I didn't give a hoot until the riders were actually in.