You can;t as a head coach forget how many challenge flags you can throw period,in the heat of the game anyone can count to 3.Fire Taffe and that useless special teams coach,im sick of this i have a ticat tattoo on my upper arm that as of today i will keep covered till taffe is gone or we look like a contender again.

Both valid points.

If the Coach dosen't know the rules how can you honestly expect him to manage a game?

the last time I saw so many guys leave their gap was a very bad high school football team.

plus, 3rd and inches and kick, then 3rd and 1 with the game on the line and don't give the ball to Lumsden, where was Caully in the 2nd half

Taft is daft no need to say much more. Two weeks to prepare and we have little or no game plan. We don't play to our strengths. Too many passing plays which ultimately result in Printers running. We should have been running the ball with Cawley and Lumsden.

Third and one in critical last minute of the play we don't go with our strengths. We give it to some guy that hardly ever sees the ball. Furthermore he is left out side the line with no help to push him the extra six inches. Taft is definetly no impressive.

How come a team that can run the ball so effectively can almost never convert a third and short?

Seriously taffe is the worst coach in the history of the CFL, GET RID OF HIM NOW! I'd rather see McManus as coach, HELL I'D RATHER SEE PINBALL AS COACH

I cannot watch the cats anymore as long as taffe is coach, if bob young cant see how shitty of a coach taffe is then just sell the fucking team.

Marcel Bellefeuille

To me it looked like he made the 1st down. On TSN I saw the ref put his foot right down where the "digitally added" 1st down line, but after the measured, they were at least 6 inches short.

Maybe the "digital" line isn't accurate or perhaps Hamilton got jobbed on the spot. Who knows?! will be back next week watching your ticats.

actually i will be back watching because we have some really good talent developing...
on the negative side...
the players who should be taking it up a notch arent....

like mckay L- niner. the un-defensive end
and our two tackles in particular woodward.

and our coaching staff in general...

Why can't Jesse and Caulley be in the backfield together, that's why the D can't cheat on either?

Your GM didnt want that.

Time to get rid of Woodard. I think he had 3 penalties, and was a pylon the rest of the game.

I think Taaffe threw the flag on purpose. The blue team had just made a first down and had momentum on the 1-yd-line. No sense burning a time-out that early in the quarter. Calling a fake or illegal challenge gave the defence time to rest, and hopefully recover enough to stop the blue team. Face it, the ball got moved about 1 inch closer to the goal line. The blue team scored anyhow.

Because many times Lumsden has been stuffed on 3rd down, and Piercy is usually automatic on 3rd and 1.... hell I should be able to get it.

Thats true about the placement the only would have made a difference IF we managed to stop the first try...

Stubler is a dumbass too, calls a challenge on the interception late in the game that was way down the field, the argos win the challenge and have to give up a safety to put the cats within 6.... HELLO! I hope that slob gets canned i cant stand looking at his sloppy ass.

Um...the second pass by the CF-18s was awesome. Then things went downhill.

If there's a play in the book with Lumsden and Caulley in the same backfield (or even Lumsden, Caulley, and Tre Smith), 3rd and 1 was the time to use it.

It just is so frustrating always hearing we show promise be patient the Ti-cats are rebuilding how damm long does it takes looks like the Eskimos did it one offseason,hell we did in one offseason remember how we sucked in 97 then went to two cups in a row winning in 99.
Honestly i think the talent on the field is good the off field talent is non-existent.Time for change PERIOD!!!