I'm p!st off!

I created this thread to blow off some steam! I am sick and tired of some people saying the Riders are going to suck this year, and how Toronto is gonna win it all(which may happen) But the Riders will not suck this year! I hope Crandall Friggin lights up the skys this year, and we beat everybody in the @ss, and win the cup again! Cause I'm sick of people telling us we're lucky if we crosss over! We're gonna finish first in the west this year(ya thats right I said first). For those of you that don't like it, shove it!

Greeen and White Forever.(there I feel much better now)

not trying to hate but just calm down :stuck_out_tongue: . i agree but lets just let the players do the talking.

well put DJ0088....repeat 2008......GO RIDERS

I hear ya! I remember how p!ssed I was when Chris Schultz said that the Riders wouldn't make the playoffs in 2007. Jock Clime was high on Calgary. Matt Dunnigan on BC. Shultz on Toronto. It was so awesome to see them wrong!! I see them saying the same thing in 2008, none of them will say Saskatchewan has a chance of repeating. Can't wait for them to be wrong again!

Go Riders!