I'm out of touch and need help?

Hey was just ready a few things and wondering if the diehards out there could help me out....used to be one but (had season tickets for 20 years but moved to S'toon to work with MD Ambulance so its hard to keep track with all the shift work).

  1. Matt Dominguez's knee? he's still not medically cleared to play...is it still a significant injury where theres a presconference annoucing his retire comin or is just percautionary?

  2. Kieth Shologan was cut a couple days ago by the San Diego Chargers..and he was our first pick in the draft and is an apparently unstoppable DE which we need with Perry going?

  3. Adrius Bowman...remeber watching him in College and all the hype he recieved during the predraft in the NFL but his mistake cost him. Just wondering if he signed for more that one and done? Just don't waant to see him go to the NFL for a year then come back and play for the Bombers like Armstrong.

  1. Dominguez says he is ready to play already. The doctors though have not completely cleared him. They are waiting for his knee strength to get a bit higher. I think they are just being safe, which I am ok with cause it will give Bowman some needed playing time to start.
  2. Not to sure about this one. Have heard that he is coming here, I know they have been in contact.
  3. I think its a 1 year + option contract.

We'll the first two are good but i wouldn't mind seeing Bowman at two and option...