I'm Out of here

I'm off to the bush (Cache Creek) to go tree planting for a month. I'll be stopping in preriodically.

I will think of you all when the Riders beat your various teams.

Go Riders Go

Go Habs Go


Have fun Billy.

Have fun Billy.......Stay away from them Rattler's!

Loof for Paul McCallum hiding in the bush past Cache Creek. He will be the one shanking kicks to the left! Several of us are still looking for him.

Riders Rule

What's the objective this year Billy? 150 000 trees?

Best of luck Billy, don't let those squities get to you. I had a friend do this one summer in northern Ontario and he said the bugs were tough.

Good Luck Billy, im wondering if you get paid for that, and is it good pay? Remember according to EE, I need to find a "real job" :lol:

...keep those 'blocks' of trees happening Billy...one tough job....money ain't bad...but you sure earn it....watch out for those sasquatches...lol.. :lol:

Sasquatches??? They’re at the Columbia Brewing Company in the Kootnays! :wink: Billy is in the sunny Interior!

take care Billy !

see ya mate! hopfully both of own teams should be doing well when you come back in August.

Billy you get lost let me know! I have search and rescue dogs we will find you out in the woods next to your beer case! Leave some for the dogs!

can a Kangaroo be a part of this resuce? :lol:

One of my boys tried that one summer and it cost me more to out fit him and fly him home then he made. lol...but it was a good learning expierence for him.

dont eat the mushrooms Billy..........

Kanga I doubt very much that a roo can do that kind of job my friend!

I'm talking about me, I want a beer...

Good luck Billy. Secure an area for yourself and plant the trees in a Ti-Cat logo formation. Well, Riders if you must.