im on the argos website with my NFL SUX sign***

from the argos playoff game against the als...with my NFL SUX sign...go to pics of nov 20th against the the 3rd pic G/F just noticed it...haha

Couldn't find it, unless your a sexy cheerleader, and where's the NFL sux sign..

-open the link
-top left photo gallery of nov 20th against the alouettes
-will open a window of photos from this game
-hit 'next' until 3rd photo.

Cool. I think if I had a sign it would read "Paul Godfrey Sux, This is CFL Country."

That's cool. Didnt knew the Argos site had a gallery like this.

NICE!!!!!!! That sign is way better (but maybe crossing out the NFL logo would have made it extra tragic) than the one I used at a Therchers/Coyotes game that had the Jets logo on it saying "COME HOME!!!" with me in my Jets jersey. ah, good times!

Good on ya, Dgod!


on a minor note, I also found this pic, don't think it's 3nd, but it's some Montreal fan. anybody know?

Good one drumming_god!

Oh there you are, great pick..sorry about the sexy cheerleader thing..
Just trying to be funny...what a great site to have, for the argo fans...

hehe. cool.

Nice Job Drumming god! Nice to get your mug up in bright lights!

Thats Fred!
All 3 million Montrealers know Fred :roll:

Nicely done, man!


But seriously, Didn't 3nd mention that he would watch the game from a box like that?

Yeah, so if there's a guy standing there, it must be 3/10, right? It's only logical..... :roll:

Well, let's wait for him to log on and confirm or denine it, Jeez guys. Your make me waste space and time here. :twisted:

He said he would be sitting in a place like that, and he said he wore a Montreal Jersey, he won that contest, this guy is the only guy featured with a Mon jersey on the roll. So it IS possible.

.....Kanga, for the amount of time you waste on this site, I'm amazed you didn't see the picture of 3/10 that he posted of himself after his cross-country trek.....

Awsome sign DG...I vote for making that the official motto of this site!! 8)

thanks vote for gonna copyright that slogan, and everytime someone says it, they owe me millions...hahaha

T&T also said he was in the private boxes up top!