I'm off, Good Luck to both teams.

Well it is 1:30 am and I can't sleep as I am so exited for this weekend. I fly in aprox 5.5 hours and I can't wait.
Just wanted to wish both teams a good luck, and State that I hope the Riders don't need it.

My predictions for the game are as follows:
1st quarter will be a defensive battle, maybe a couple field goals.

2nd quarter the Riders open it up a bit get a td or 2. Bombers stay in it though on the backs of Roberts Stegal and co. benefited from a nice return maybe.

3rd quarter will be more of the same, Riders get a couple fgs Rider d stuffs them.
4th is when the Bomber D will be fatigued from being on the field all game, Flick and Fantuz both score. Bombers keep it close due to some defensive blunders.
Riders win by 6.

Go Riders Go
If you want to find me I will be one of thousands in Green. Gaurenteed I will be shutting down Riderville 3 nights straight.

Time to get some sleep.

;;;good luck Billy.....and the Bombers will definitely be watching for Josephs little run up the middle....something you omitted in your 'how the game will go' report... :wink:

I'm quite envious Billy, unfortunately due to work I won't be there till Saturday night. Have fun at Riderville.