I'm now officially in Labour Day Classic withdrawal!

Looking at the CFL schedule on cfl.ca this week, and it has finally hit home. I’m starting to shake with symptoms that I have not experienced in more than 20 years … the misunderstood “Labour Day Classic withdrawal”. If you’[re not a Ticat fan, you don’t understand. If you have it, you will know. The yearning to look down at a urinal and see Argo logo acting as a shining target to relieve yourself on. The best tailgate of the year. The crowd reaction when O’Shea is introduced. The visceral chants of Argos S**k!

I’m going to miss it, big time.

On the plus side … family gets to see me for the first time in 20+ years on this particular Labour Day!

How are you going to pass the time this year?



I'll be working. It will be weird not being in a stadium (that no longer exists) and knowing that the team that should be hosting the most important game of the week will have already played on Friday night. :cry: :cry: I'll probably have the shakes until next Thursday when I see the stadium progress and think about where I'll be sitting. :slight_smile:

Maybe this will be a new tradition, Ticats in Vancouver. Enough of seeing the Argos every Labour day :smiley:

Get to watch the Rides lay a smackdown on the Bummers in my basement on the 60" with a fridge full of Kilkenny ale near by on the day before Labour day with my Friends & in laws, who are exclusively Rides fans!

It will be weird not having a LDC game @ 1 pm Monday @ Ivor Wynne though.... :expressionless:

Weird, but was thinking the same thing just last night.
Will be very different not going to IWS this Labour Day.
Watch the Cats win tomorrow, then sailing Lake O on Monday
then probably Ribfest! mmmmmmmmmm......ribs!!!!

working. Ya'll should come to Buffalo Wild Wings

I know the Cats annual Labour Day game is on hold for a year, but I also noticed McMaster is also not playing at home on Labour Day. For sometime now Mac has been playing at Ron Joyce Stadium while the Cats were at IWS. I always thought there was no logic in that.

So why is Mac at Queens on LD and not at home? Seems like a missed opportunity by Mac which maybe could have encouraged some fans to the game that may have wanted to at least keep the tradition of going to a football game on LD alive.

Can you imagine the game this year? It would’ve been for first place in the east.

An Argo-Cat fan

The 2013 Schedule this year is crap, back to back games, we’ve played 8 games amongst four teams, Toronto once, Edmonton twice, Sask twice and Winnipeg already 3 times and still a fourth game at the end of the season, Are you kidding Me??

I hope they scrap this Back to Back BS for next year and go back to Hamilton playing every team twice a year at different times, if you want one back to back game fine do it with Toronto and on Labor Day, have the Argo’s come to the New Tim Horton’s Field next year on Labor Day and than the following Sunday in Toronto at the Rogers Centre?

I think many fans agree and certainly miss the Labor Day Classic between our Cats and the Argo’s and should go back to next season!!

It's not only fans attending games who are upset about this weekends schedule - we at home viewers w/o the luxury of living anywhere close to a CFL team are completely POd. This should have been a double-header on Saturday with the East playing first just to whet our appetites before the really important game got underway in the West. :wink: And WTF is it with a Tuesday game in TO? The Argos aren't suffering enough from poor attendance that they can take a hit like this? I give big creds to the Argos for staying the course home game after home game only to see a paltry scattering of fans - though I applaud all those who do turn up in support of their team.

Earnestly hope they do a much better job next year with the Cats back home and Ottawa in the league.

I'm not actually that worried about it. I wouldn't have been at the game anyway, or watched it. My daughter is home for a visit from Saskatoon where she lives, and my son just got back from several months working in Newfoundland. So my wife and I are spending family time. We'll be at the cottage, where there is no cable and we don't have satellite. Football is not on the agenda in our house this weekend

I agree. This is our third set of back-to-back games and we still have two sets to go both in October vs Als and Argos! I think Ticats got hit the worst with the back-to-backs too. Gotta be the worst scheduling ever. :x Tuesday games in TO are courtesy of the Rogers Centre who gave the Argos their home dates. Maybe they forgot this is football - not baseball!? :?

Maybe Caretaker forgot to go with the flow and take the worst site, West Harbour, from the get go. Who knows, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:
But that would have taken care of, possibly, this Labour Day withdrawal situation, if if is that important in the long run. :wink:

But I digress, Bob has the resources to get what he almost wants, and not a lot of people quite got that. Operative word "almost" and how defined? Who knows.