Im not watching another alouettes game this year!!!

I dont have any big problems with our defense because were young and they play with intensity,Our offense is bullshit.We can tie it up with a touchdown,we get like 5 tries at it and when our defense is on the field giving us a chance our offense is on the sideline with no intensity,their just staring into space.This is possibly the last game in montreal and we dont even score a touchdown.I didnt know it was possible to have a 90 yard pass or so and not come out with any points.Our offensive coordinater sucks,Were 2nd down and 1 yard,Thats a free play we could use but nope.Unless theirs a change before the playoffs then theirs no point in watching the alouettes,they have no heart or intensity on offense.Its your last drive,theirs no reason you should be placed in 3rd and 25.The only way we were going to win this game was if we were to get some turnovers.Im not sure if anybody agree but how bout we ship calvillo and jim popp together to another team.

i agree with that and they should ditch those black uniforms while they're at it

Dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

I wanted Calvillo pulled in the 2nd quarter when he was 3 for 12 and had thrown 2 interceptions (ok one was called by a penalty)... After 3 strong outings this was his worse game since the season opener against the Riders. Its really too bad because most guys came out to play...Sanchez, Claybrooks,Cox, Proux.

donkey list:

Diamond Ferri : Send this guy take anger management or release him.

Brian Bratton: Carrying the ball like a loaf of bread in to traffic.

Anthony Calvillo: Choked in a big game for the...I lose count.

Brian Chiu: Not only has he had his worse season of his carreer. He let Belli get under his skin and then ended the game with the worse cheap shot of the year in the CFL

Kerry Carter scratching an itch on QB sneak !

Eric Deslauriers cheating off the line of scrimmage aggggain.

Jarret Payton calling for the ball and chocking at the goal line again.

Jim Popp for sticking with Calvillo instead of rolling hard left...

At least there was Lucian Bute and a UFC ppv....Shhhhiat!

And to all that said give them time, this is a learning process, theyll get better as the year goes on: I TOLD YOU SO

youd think after saying it so many times Id get bored of it but no it just gets more and more satisfying. that is really the only consolation I have for the als playing so poorly this year

Thank You Montreal for supporting your team and the CFL. Too bad you lost I thought youd win I thik your offence is getting a little old though.

Well, here's one fan who will continue to support the team (the players anyway). I still think that if they had better coaching, they would be doing a whole lot better. You can even see the negative expressions on AC's face when the plays come in. It's obvious that that this offense never has a decent game plan and yet, we have a head coach who believes that he is doing a great job. I was not crazy about Matthews (especially towards the end) but at least he would take responsibility when his team lost.

On another note, I would like to give some credit to the Toronto defense. They were very impressive yesterday.

So now, we finish third (unless Edmonton gets hot but without Ray, I doubt it). So it looks like the Als are going to do things the hard way. Despite all that has been said and all the fans jumping ship, here is one who will still be cheering on our guys. Win or lose, the Als are still my team. Go Als go!

but I refuuuse to let you go!" :roll:

We need everyone to look at, and offer input on, every play. All perspectives are important in such a complicated analysis, especially now.

"I ain't no quiter!"
Shania :rockin:

All I have to say is... shameful.

Calvillo has got to go along with Popp

I don't think AC is the problem, they need to re-build the O-line to give him protection. He has been sacked so often that he is shell shocked. Put Maas in that game yesterday and it would be the same thing. A QB that gets no consistant protection will always struggle.
But hey Montreal fans at least your Defense came to play yesterday, they held your side in that one the whole second troubles there.
Montreal is just a fine tune up away on the O-line from being a better team.
No need to panic, give Popp time to fix things. After all it's their first season since returning to Montreal that they won't finish 1'st or 2'nd.
I know there are more than a few CFL fans out there that wish they could boast that about their favorite team.

I believe you are dead on with most of that. If there was a significant improvement on the offensive line then the team would be considerably better. At the same time though for them to be more than just better they need new coaching at the HC and OC positions. Bellefieulle and Popp have done a terrible job with the offense and it has shown zero improvement as the season went on so it is not the team adjusting to a new system, it is a poor game plan and a change at the HC and OC positions is the only way to shake that up. Many players have said they are unhappy with the way the team is coached among these players are leaders on this team and players who would otherwise never complain to the media and in situations like this the players you lose are usually the ones you wanted to stay

Totally agreed with the previous two posts.....with one little exception.

Maritime says give Popp time to fix things.

Sorry, he's had oodles of time. While in September other teams were recruiting NFL cuts to help them out in areas of need, our GM (Popp) was doing nothing because he was too busy playing at head coach. Did we bring in any NFL cuts to help our obviously weak O-line? Not a one. Did we bring in any NFL cuts to help us get a pass rush? Not a one. And the list goes on and on.

So, this year, Popp isn't part of the solution, he's been a big part of the problem by neglecting his GM duties.

I think the reason no players were brought in is because the money was all gone. Once they signed Maas. The piggy was empty. I agree he's had enough time. Team is regressing and the some vets are going to walk...

Popp needs to go. He is completely deluded about himself as a head coach and had the audacity to say he was doing a 'hell of a job' in an article in today's Gazette. Can this guy be any more of an egomaniac? Then, of course, in the same breath, he trashes Bellefeuille while simultaneously passing the buck for the awful goal-line fiasco from last night. This is the blind leading the blind.

Larry Smith, please do the right thing. Step in and fire Jim Popp and Marcel Bellefeuille. Then hold extensive job searches for a GM and head coach in the offseason, and let that head coach pick his own staff. The Jim Popp Era is over in Montreal. We need a change.

I say let him finish the season, ask him to give up his coaching duties. It is very hard to find good personel in the CFL and I'd hate to lose Jim as a GM. As a coach you have to earn your stripes that's the way it is. Ask Dunnigan...

I am a true Alouette fan so I always well support them. Don't forget they are in a rebuilding process.

signing calvillo to a contract extension doesnt seem like a rebuilding process.Everybody on our offense is getting up their in age,our defense is our main core,We need to find ourselfs a new young QB to build around for the future

What rebuilding process? Last year we went to the Grey Cup final? How did we go from playing in the Grey Cup to ‘rebuilding’? And the sad part is, even if you’re right, we’re NOT rebuilding. Our O-line is in shambles, our main offensive players are getting older, yet our illustrious head coach insists that everything is fine while Rome burns.

Our o-line is in shambles, yes.

Our receiving corps is second weakest in the league (Hamilton's is weaker).

Defensive line gets next to no pressure on opposing QBs (we are 2nd last in sacks).

This year is a write-off, we need major upgrades next year.

Popp has to be told to either be a fulltime GM again or be shown the door along with MB.

I'd accept Popp back if he was limiting himself to GM duties, which he has performed admirably in the past (but not this year, as he's been missing in action as a GM).

If he doesn't agree to that then let him go. I'd bring in Jim Barker as GM, let him hire his own staff.


I'll take the GM post, ro as head coach, disciplineandpunish as offensive coordinator, hassall as defensive coordinator........