I'm not sure if I want June Jones back.

Well I'm very appreciative of the Cats turn around during the second half of the season lead by Jones, there are decisions he made that I haven't been happy with and lead me to question whether he should be back next season.

  1. The Collaros situation. Now whether you prefer one QB over another, I think it's important to know what your team has moving forward. I've said this before, the offensive line was terrible before Jones came here, which affected Collaros play, and heavily contributed to our team's 0-8 start. Since fixing it, Zach has had a total of 3 plays behind that line. Jones had several opportunities to see how Zach would perform, but failed to take advantage of these situations. Jones was short-sighted. Looking to win sooner rather than later, and I understand that to some degree because he was coaching for a job too. But when the Cats were eliminated from the playoffs, and Jones proved he could be successful winning in the CFL, and when he earned the respect and support of his players, that was another opportunity he squandered where Zach could have played. Seeing what Zach could do long term would help our Cats realize he again is much better QB than Masoli, and we don't need or want Manziel. Again the last thing I want to see is Zach join the team down the QEW, Masoli leave here via free agency, Manziel fail here in Hamilton and Collaros lead the blue team to the Grey Cup next year and be more successful on the field for more years to come.

  2. Offensive plays. While this has improved, does anybody remember the last play of the game hosting Saskatchewan and setting up in shot gun on the 1 yard line? Now I'm not saying the Cats would have scored a TD on that play or won the game, but a poor decision like that doesn't put a team in the best situation to win, and that's what coaches are supposed to do.

These are two situations I'm not happy with Jones about. And as a result I'm not sure if he should be back coaching next season.

  1. You don't know that it was Jones decision not to play Collaros. At first it was Jones that made the switch... but at some point Zachs future was sealed likely by someone other than Jones.

  2. I agree. Playcalling cost us 1 game and the chance to win a second. Enough to host a playoff game. Don't think it's enough to cost June his job.... but I agree. Dumbest playcalling I have possibly ever seen. And just to correct you on the Sask play... we don't know we could have scored the 2 pt convert.... but 2 sneaks from the 1 have a 90 something percent success rate. So we would have likely scored the TD.

Pete Carrol of the SeaHawks cost his team a Super Bowl with the same play calling so Jones is in good company in making the same type of call .

Last year Dickenson didn't use Messam at the goal line he's still there . I would rather have a coach who gets me a competitive team that players want to play for than a someone unknown .

Bill Walsh changed the game in the NFL with those type of calls and many were looking for his head for the very same thing .

Jones is a breath of fresh air in the CFL .

I'd be happy if he was to continue his .600 record momentum; 11-7 sounds pretty good to me. :slight_smile:

Yes 11- 7 is great and the Westcoast offence is entertaining football that can be fun watching on TV .

God, some people just can't be happy...

I do.
Lots of people defending Collaros and the fact that he didn't get a chance with Jones running the show. Was the OLine that different when Masoli was behind centre?
Is the reason the OLine was better because Masoli isnt always just standing in the pocket?

So youre complaining that we're .600 and easily couldve gone undefeated under jones who inherited an 0-8 midway through the season with players he knew nothing about and who nothing about him.

I've got a friend, we're both die hard ticat fans and he's making the same argument. He doesnt want Jones back because they went 6-4. But lets look at the facts.

  • The team he inherited was 0-8, including a devastating 60-1 loss to the stampeders.

  • Jones inherited this team mid way through the season. No training camp, just a couple of games to watch these guys get beat down and then was given the keys.

  • Every single game we lost we had a strong chance to win and probably should have. 1 or 2 different plays and Jones goes 10-0 and we're in the playoffs.

  • June Jones had no say in recruiting these players. He didnt have an off season to give Kent Austin a shopping list, he was given a roster he knew nothing about

  • he came from the states with little to no CFL knowledge, how many american HCs do we see flop horribly? ( Bart Andrus)

Personally im thrilled with the progress of JJ and I think we should be locking him under contract asap.

TOR @ 9-9 and are now 2 wins from the Championship.

A simple answer really to this one . Traditionally mid season Head Coaching moves rarely if ever work out . This one however did and I tend to look at this year as too separate seasons . The first was a unmitigated disastrous 8 game schedule that saw us go win-less and for the most part be a very boring non competitive unwatchable at times type of team under Austin's watch . The second 10 game season under June Jones saw this team turn it around to a very respectful 6 and 4 W/L record . The team was in every game that they played and could've with a little bit of more luck very easily could've run the table and won all 10 of them . So in answer to the OP simply put.......I definitely want June Jones back and by the sounds of it so do the majority of players also want him back next season .

Personally I truly hope June Jones returns as H/C.
As a fan it is only because of his guidance and what he did with the Team,
I can stomach what happened to our Cats in 2017.
The recurring question of ... if only Kent had of stepped down sooner.
Will continue to haunt me...
There is no doubt what Jones did was amazing.
And also what the D/C did since taking over.
Going into now the offseason I believe that 99% of the puzzle to make our
Cats a championship Team are in place.
Let’s hope we retain most of our guys going into free agency...as wholesale big
changes for next year, are not needed.

As much as many would like to have seen Collaros play with the new playbook and improved on-field player situation (me included) and the improved record under Coach Jones, many seem to be forgetting the (generally) much improved defence which kept most games within reach. A few let downs here and there but much better defence than the 0-8 team. Returning players (ie, Kanneh) also helped but new D coaching should get some of the credit.


Well lets use week 8 of Collaros 0-8 performance as an example
who was his starting 5 O-Linemen?
Washington, Bomben, Filer, Revenberg, Holmes
I know that you don't agree but I think Colaros's total lack of mobility this season was a huge factor in the O-Line struggles.

I'll agree Masoli made the garbage Oline we started the season with look slightly better.

Noticed you flipped Washington and Holmes. Matthews made a huge impact on the line (also allowing Washington to shift over to blind side tackle) and the Oline has been better for it ever since. How much of that is Masoli allowing them more time to learn to block as a unit and gel? who knows

but check the game stats when Masoli played in Collaros starts. Both their numbers are terrible.

Loved the game Masoli put up last week. Can't argue that he's come a long way, and his running ability puts the defense on edge more than our ELEVEN rush attempts by actual running backs ever could.

He's very good.

(that said, if Zach comes back anywhere close to 2015 levels, this management group will be the laughing stock of the league for another 15 years. )

I truly hope June Jones returns

No - as explained by Espo. Having a MUCH better Defence helped as well, seeing as they actually stopped the opposition from running the field on a regular basis. Not to mention an actual running game (Gable/Green) had the opposition respect the run and gave Masoli more time in the pocket. Even then, he managed to bounce balls to receivers 10-yards away...

You think Zack will star into his 40s

Why does no one complain that austin lost 8 in a row and never gave masolli a start