I'm Not Sold on D. Anderson & Will T. Miles help us?

I was never sold on Dwight Anderson, yet the article in The Sun, grading teams offseason moves, has that jotted down as a minus for the 'Cats. I also know that a lot of our fans liked him, too. I was never sold. I saw him get beat way too many times. I don't wish anything bad on him... I just really don't think he was a good starter.

Another question...

What about Tony Miles? Will he make the team? He used to be an All-Star but c'mon. If he comes back to form I'll name my next kid (male or female) Tonymiles Iwaswrong.

Not hating on you buddy... just sick of losing seasons!

Now, since this thread seems so negative let me make one thing clear... at the end of the day... these guys are pro football players and still have 10000X more talent than me! LOL. Heck, I couldn't even catch a cold let alone a football! lol

I agree I was never sold on Anderson either. He did get beat alot, the refs sure called his number a whole lot he just made a lot of bad decisions and it costs us a lot.

Miles..well I dunno he could impress I am hoping that Printers is in game form and if he is we may see a strong tandum unit formed.

But I am not the guy who says "This season is the season of change" only time will tell.

Tony has a lot to Prove to us Ticats Fans.
He know this. I Spoke to him at The Kickoff Bash When I was covering it for BGR.

He Really Want to Prove his Metal
Where it all Started.
I am worry that all Injuries may have Taken away his speed and Timming.

One can only hope he regains his alstar Form.

Anderson was very erratic! As I said last fall, "when you don't follow coaches orders and come within inches of head-butting the head coach on the sidelines...you're a goner from this team!" He just doesn't have the consistency or size to be a factor in this league; his intensity aside.

Count me as one of the few that really liked Dwight Anderson’s time with the Tiger-Cats. While the emotional outburts were very troublesome, the kid had talent. While he did get flagged a few times for interference and unnecessary roughness, he showed flashes of potential, aggression, and the ability to make solid tackles that are rarely seen in a cornerback.

He is just the type of player that needs a veteran to show him the way to be a professional. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen on the very young team the Tiger-Cats fielded last year.

Him getting cut probably gave him the reality check he needed and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a CFL Western All-Star in 2008 or 2009.

But that’s just my opinion.

  • paul

What kept Dwight on the Tiger Cat roster
in the early part of the season, folks?

Let me tell you.

Our coaches watched game film
showing all of his plays

not just the ones during
which he made mistakes.

He was tremendously competitive
and has a fantastic will to win.

What caused Calgary to pick him up?

Whether Hufnagel read about his blown coverages
or him blowing up at his coaches on the sidelines

or not HE WATCHED enough GAME FILM
showing ALL kinds of good plays

not just the few during
which he made mistakes.

My bet is he reins in his emotions
and becomes a key asset for Calgary.


I see belatedly that another
astute observer thinks the same. :smiley:

Good on you, paullywood.


I was also a big fan of andersons last year. He wassnt anywhere near as bad as some people made him out to be, both with his play and attitude.

Miles has CFL exp Ticats need, and he Knows the args Playbook. Anderson just needs a good D coach. he has great speed on the ball, he will get his share if int,s .

I agree completely. I also have to add that on a winning team, a guy like him is "fiery" and everyone loves him. I would also add that not only did he not have much needed veteran leadership from his young teammates, but he didn't get it from his coaching staff either.

I noticed Dwight right off in training camp and I stand by my claim that he'll be an All-Star in the CFL some day. He has great potential and (wait for it...) he's a great guy who has nothing but good things to say about the city of Hamilton and its fans.

Last year he Told Me I'll be Al star this year.
So get my Jersey and where it Proudly.
I never did get his Jersey.
When Rookie comes in Boasting like that it Means Trouble.
Now Zeke did not boast He did his talking on Field.
I can Respect that and would buy a #16 and where it Proudly.

I also would take Dwight on my team. I think the Cats need more attitude, not less.

At least Miles is younger and bigger than that Armstead guy they let walk. :frowning:

Whats wrong with confidence? Thats the kinda guy he is, hes guanna talk, and i think he did a good job at backing it up last year.

Agreed. I liked to see a guy who was VERY unhappy to be losing. He definately had fire and passion.

As for Miles, I am thrilled to have him on this team and I think he's going to make a big impact.

Looks like that choice paid off too, eh?

Recording 3 wins in a season seems to tell me that a lot of players were kept on the roster and shouldn't have been.

In my opinion... D. Anderson was one of them.

At least Miles is younger and bigger than that Armstead guy they let walk.
So true. Fans were glad armstead was let go because he was too old(younger than miles), too small(inch taller than miles) and has had declining production(just like miles), lost a step(thats why argos let miles go) along with he is always injured. I hope when healthy he has a big game or two.

also making 150, 000 (not like Miles) Miles is probably making around 70 grand

We'll see whether the mistake was keeping Dwight or letting him go. I'm banking on the latter.

Regardless of age and size, Miles is still worlds better than Armstead.

that only matters to me if I am the one paying it. We take an argo reject and make him our number one go to receiver and people are ready to plan the parade route, so sad.

Do you go to Tiger-Cat games at Ivor Wynne?

Because if you do, you are helping pay for it in a round-a-bout way my friend.

You need to get over the release of Jason Armstead. Obie cut him because he didn't want to have a player on the team that was just going to leave after this season. Tony Miles lives in the area and wants to be in Hamilton. He WANTS to be here, and Jason Armstead made it clear to Obie that he didn't.

So Obie would rather spend the money he was paying Armstead on a younger player (or two) with potential who may help the team in 2008 and beyond. Potential and production beyond 2008 are both things Jason Armstead does not offer the team.

What team are you a fan of anyways? The negativity of the vocal minority on Ticats.ca is stifling. Looking at things with a critical eye is one thing, but complaining about things you have no control over is just a waste of time.

We need better receivers ... bring back Steve Stapler!


  • paul

If going to bring back Old Guys Paul

I Rather have these 2.
Daren Flutie
Earl Winfield