"Im not paid like a starter" Porter

Not sure if this was missed... and if it was not i apologize but i didnt see it... but from Steve Milton's article today...

As for his role, Bellefeuille says Porter is the starter, Glenn says Porter is the starter, and the 26-year-old comports himself like a starter.

"I'm not paid like a starter," Porter says. "They don't want to give me that confidence. When I'm in, I'll play the best that I can, but it really comes down to the trust the boss has for an employee."

And it's obvious that Bellefeuille wants to have that trust in his most important employee.

Im not sure how to take this... but for some reason i get the feeling this is going to become a big problem before the season ends. Im starting to wonder how mature Quinton really is.

Wow, I find that to be an odd thing to say for Quinton. The only way I can take that is that he feels under appreciated. I'm not sure what the context was in which he said it, if it was a response to a question or if he was just complaining. It sounds like he's saying the Cats haven't showed enough confidence in him so it is affecting his play, even though he's doing the best he can, unless he gets starter money, he feels they don't really trust in him? QP has seemed like a humble guy just trying to do his best out there but I hope this doesn't become a problem. :?

Wow, who are you and what have you done with the real Porter? I hope we don't have a jabroni QB on our hands..... If so, I guess I better sell my heavily autographed Porter jersey and buy a Bruce jersey. Perform like a starter and you'll get paid like a starter. That's business bro. Keep playing like you did in SSK and you won't be collecting checks from Obie, but rather the unemployment office.

How much should a second year QB be making anyway?

Either chalk it up to a young QB being pouty after being pulled or the complaints of a QB who really hates being part of tandem. Or both. Neither is surprising.

Sympathize with him a bit since he was the starter for two consecutive wins (which normally buys a QB security) only to be quickly yanked like it was nothing.

But that's the system in place and Porter knows it. He has to suck it up.

MB is really walking a tightrope here. Easy does it.

I'm sure most fans' response is.... "because you're not playing like a starter"!!!!

Cry me a river pal.

An Argo-Cat fan

I don't think he meant it in a crying foul sort of way, I think he was just pointing out the obvious.

It is the same sort of management technique they employ in Saskatchewan and B.C. where they have multiple options at quarterback who make mid-level salaries instead of the classic, highly paid starter and bargain basement back-up. I can't blame Quinton for wanting to make more money. I know I do.

Frankly, I sort of like the fact that a quarterback has to produce to stay in the game. Sure, some people will argue that a quarterback needs to stay in to keep the offense in rhythm, but I don't know. Much like a lot of other positions on the football field, if you aren't playing well, the coaches will remove you from the game to give you a break and to give you some coaching and advice.

Your thoughts?

  • paul

I think Mr. Porter may be mis-reading what the coaches are doing with him. This part of the article may explain it better:

“And momentum is not an issue when there’s two weeks down-time, so head coach Marcel Bellefeuille doesn’t have to back off his commitment to develop Porter.”

The way I read it is that Porter isn’t the automatic starter or is it set in stone that he is. He’s getting starting assignments is all (for now) in order that he gets through the learning curve a little faster. This is what he wanted if I recall correctly and clearly the best way to get him more experience.

As far as the money issue?..none of my business so I won’t comment.

This Why Glen should have Started the Season ..
Porter is okay QB but he not a Great QB Yet.
He already getting a Big head and people where worried about Bruce.
Time Sit him down and Let Glen takes us rest of the Way .
Let Porter Mop up Wins and Losses or Come in When Glen is not working.

I am sorry, but where is this big head idea coming from? These are professional football players. They are competitive by nature in anything they do in life because that is what they have been taught since they were 5 years old. Of course Porter wants to start and of course he wants to make as much money as possible. The average football career last maybe 3 or 4 seasons. I would hardly call the quote you may be misinterpreting as having an ego.

And personally, I know Russ dissected the process of developing a quarterback at length recently, so I don't think it needs to be revisited, but I feel you get a bad evaluation on a quarterback if you decide to only play him when you are up by 30, down by 30 or with 30 seconds left to play. You are playing against backups when the game is out of reach. How does that help gauge what a quarterback can do?

Maybe it's just me, I am going to trust Marcel, Khari, Mike and Obie on this one. They seem to be doing an ok job so far.

  • paul

To be paid like a starter he has to play like a starter. He has had flashes of brilliance but he still has to learn. I think we are putting to much pressure on this guy. He should be sitting on the bench and backing up Glenn. Maybe he will be the starter next year and then pay him as a starter, but not yet.

8) He does give the impression of being pouty on the sidelines, after he is pulled from a game.
 Seems to stand off by himself, not even talking to anyone else  !!!

 You're right, this is the way things are for now, so he has to suck it up, for the sake of the team  !!

Me too.

If you start a game, that makes you the starter.

If you start all seven of a team's games thus far in a season, then you are the de facto starter.

We agree he has to earn the role. The coin for that role is a SMS reality and that is usually assessed at the end of a season re raises/cuts, except in the Land of the Spies where it's done midseason in a clown's office (see the LeFors situation).

My point is that it's a sign of maturity for anyone who is hired to do anything to want to be compensated fairly. No? Or should Quinton pout a wee bit and say "More soup, sir?"

Perhaps Porter is indicating that the rate of pay in the depth chart of the master plan is out of whack. I did not hear the TONE of what he stated, which would indicate how far a poster on ticats.ca could rightfully run with that.

Printers started last year and the team was "confident" enough to pay him $400,000+ OFF THE HOP. Results varied, folks.

"To be paid like a starter he has to play like a starter." Ummmmmm, Casey was paid...like a starter. You get paid the amount you're entitled to under your deal, period, so it really an issue of the scale of the compensation as a byproduct of where one is in the depth chart as a function of one's performance vis a vis other starters in the league. Where one fits in the market, in other words.

Quinton has inherited that situation. I'll take a stab at pegging his value from my armchair when all the returns are in, not Week 7. His salary will be re-evaluated by Obie at the end of the season, I am sure -- particularly if he's in the saddle for a home playoff game.

"I'm not paid like a starter," Porter says. As compared to other starters in the league, perhaps (LeFors was making 150K for whatever he was doing)....Check.

"They don't want to give me that confidence." What was his tone? Was he implying that the team was trying to take away from it? Was he stating the team doesn't want him to be over-confident? If I were a reporter, I would know my instant follow-up question. To please clarify that statement. We are left hanging here.

" When I'm in, I'll play the best that I can, but it really comes down to the trust the boss has for an employee." He's a quarterback. He's played at multiple levels. He understands the trust factor that is necessary for a QB to succeed, i.e. he cannot feel that at the first mistake, he's going to be pulled. QB Trust 101. No biggie for me there. Check.

I only care for how Quinton is perceived inside the Cats locker room. Not how people spin things on this forum, especially that it is a bye week and my idea of a 4-3 start is at variance with other people's notions, etc.

Oski Wee Wee,


What he said.

He'll earn more money by his performance, not by wondering why he's not being paid according to his idea of a starter. Period.

My apologies at not grasping the full extent of the infamy. LeFors has indicated that he was offered the "$60K paycut or walk" scenario after GAME FOUR upon the Bombers PICKING UP Bishop. That isn't a hook, that's a gouge. LeFors was obviously not doing the job, but usually the re-evaluation occurs when someone else has earned the role, especially in the offseason in a collectively-bargained work environment.

Bishop has obviously earned the starter's coin with his 1-2 record and multiple divot-cum-prairie dog decapitations in the Als game, but I digress.

Oski Wee Wee,


Yes. He has to ensure that he makes Marcel's m.o. a no-brainer by performing. That way, the "Cut Porter" threads in December on this forum will be down to a manageable three. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,


Bishop, whatever his flaws as a QB (and they are legion), has won plenty of games in this league over the past few years. Whatever coin he's getting from the Bombers is predicated on that past success, and that's perfectly normal (although if they're paying him the same salary LeFors was making, they're even more moronic than I already think they are). If Henry Burris becomes a free agent, signs with a team, and struggles out the gate as the team goes 1-2, are you going to say he's not starter material and that he shouldn't be paid like a starter?

Porter hasn't done anything to warrant being paid like a bonafide starter. When he starts proving himself, he'll get his big contract. Not until then. And let's not use the Bombers as a model of how to do anything football-related either. :wink: :slight_smile:

The one thing I do want Bellefeuille to do (assuming Quinton isn't injured) is to stick with him for 60 minutes. I was very surprised to see Porter get the hook so quickly last week. I understand the weather was affecting Porter's touch on the ball and he may have been dinged up, but if he really is your projected starter, you have to let him fight his way through games when he doesn't have his best stuff. To that extent, I can understand Porter's frustration at having the responsibilities and pressure of a starter, but not being paid like a starter and not getting the starter's leeway to find his own rhythm over the course of a game.

It's mature to discuss your salary with the media mid-season?