I'm not kidding myself, but...

...here's a hypothetical scenario that, while extremely unlikely, is amusing in that it is possible:

Week 16:
Hamilton beats Ottawa
Saskatchewan beats Montreal
Edmonton beats Toronto
Week 17:
Hamilton beats Calgary
B.C. beats Montreal
Winnipeg beats Toronto
Week 18:
Hamilton beats Ottawa
Montreal beats Toronto
Week 19:
Hamilton beats Toronto
Ottawa beats Montreal
Week 20:
Hamilton beats Montreal by more than 10 points
Ottawa beats Toronto

The Eastern standings would look like this:
T-1. Toronto 8-10
T-1. Montreal 8-10
T-1. Hamilton 8-10
4. Ottawa 7-11

The tie would be broken by each team's win-loss record versus the other tied teams, which would be:
Toronto (vs MTL and HAM): 2-4
Montreal (vs TOR and HAM): 3-2
Hamilton (vs TOR and MTL): 3-2

So Toronto ends up in third place, and Hamilton and Montreal remain tied for first.

THAT tie is broken by each team's win-loss record versus the other team. Since they split the two games between them, it comes down to points in those two games. Since Montreal beat Hamilton by 10 points, and Hamilton beat Montreal by more than 10 points, Hamilton wins the tie break.

So the East Division standings would be:

  1. Hamilton 8-10
  2. Montreal 8-10
  3. Toronto 8-10
  4. Ottawa 7-11

Note also that if Calgary manages (at least) a win and a tie in their games against Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, and Edmonton, their 8-9-1 record would be good enough to take Toronto's playoff spot in the crossover.

In spite of the current standings at this late point in the season, it is still possible for HAMILTON to get the bye into the final, while TORONTO misses the playoffs completely. :lol:



hold on...let me catch my breath....


So in simpler words
If everybody loses except Hamilton

Big Dave- Follow your dreams- if you cannot believe,what is the sense of playing the game!!!

Go Ticats Go!!

Well, obviously, after digging themselves into such a deep hole, it'll take more than just a couple of wins by the Cats to win the East. Like I said, it's a hypothetical situation. I just think it's funny that it's still possible.
And look down the list: the first thing that would really SHOCK anybody is Winnipeg beating Toronto. (Hamilton could beat Calgary, who is vulnerable with their QB situation up in the air.)
If we get just that one shocker, this scenario will still be possible until Week 19!

When even first place is still a mathematical possibility, don't count the Cats out of the playoffs yet.

ummm…i’ll go out on a limb here,but…i don’t think the ti-cats are gonna make the playoffs this year…lol

It aint over till the fat lady sings
She is tuning up though

JC, Big D, this ii the best post of the year! LMMFFAO!!! :lol:

YA wanna try that again


JC, Big D, this IS the best post of the year! LMMFFAO!!!! :lol:

I mean the LMMFFAO

Laughing my mother fucking fat ass off?

That came to mind but I didnt think you meant that :lol:

Don't worry, it's just a joke, unless I'm in some kind of Oedipus Rex thing.

"My mother's my sister"


You've got the same imagination I've got when I made my grey cup prediction of Hamilton beating Ottawa, which can't happen anymore.

:lol: :lol: :lol:
possible[/i] for HAMILTON to get the bye into the final, while TORONTO misses the playoffs completely. :lol:


And Dr. Evil wil use his time machine to go back to the beginning of the season to steal the mojo from all cfl players except Hamilton!

Yup it could happen :smiley:

Though Big Dave's fantasy of seeing the Ticats win the East has about as many chances to happen than the "Kicking for a Million $"' contestant has of sucessfully nailing that 50 yard field goal, it highlights the more probable possibility that the Ticats sneak into the playoffs.

With the appropriate turn of events, they could sneak in the playoffs with an Eastern third place (if the fourth team in the West collapses).

And I thought I was over-optimistic that the Gades still have a chance.

BigD is like many TiCat fans; We do not give up until it is over. I respect and like his attitude. That is what makes the CFL great; parity! Anyone can win on any given week. Would any of you like to give me a team that is guaranteed to win this weekend. Once you pick this team, care to wager more than $1000 on your guarantee victory??? Didn't think so! My point is that there are no "sure" wins in this league this year. So, Dave enjoy the prospects and the rest of you, enjoy your humour at someone's expense that believes in his team to the end. 27000 paying fans in Hamilton share your enthusiasm.