I'm not angry......anymore.

Another game of watching the Cats get blown-out, as your sitting on the couch, chewing your left arm off???
Relax....take a pill.
And repeat after me.....next year will be better......next year will be better.
Christ........I hope so.

At this point in the season and the way the offence is playing that is all you can say at this point


Next year will be better, next year will be better, next year will be better...WAIT...OH NO...I'm beginning to sound like Maple Leaf fan now...and they're losers since '67!!!

What else can a person say ???

Next year, we will have a full review of these players, and what they can or cannot offer us as a team.

Next year, we will have a GM in place from this awful year, who, BTW is not RDL, and can make some hard decisions.

Next year, we will have a head coach and an OC that are not what we were left with this year.

Our ST and D Coaches will have been reviewed and either retained or replaced.

Next year there will be no infighting about being overstocked in Cdn "talent" versus a Player Development and Football Operations Chief that wants only americans.

"Next Year" maybe we will be around to the idea of a QB calling his own plays, and having hidden practices so the competition cannot so simply scout you and understand your play calls made by aging ex-QB's...
But plainly, its going to be "next year" and not "this year"...

And we lose a year of some really great players careers, becaused there were some really bad management choices, let alone coaching ones...

Very well said....Lifter, my thoughts exactly, next year WILL be different.