hey everyone , im a new guy....... treat me well.. lol

Welcome :roll:

little late lol,.....

.....hey dude, you're not late, just early for kickoff 2006......

wicky way , will go all the way . lol

Welcome to the world of boring offseason discussion. We'll talk everything but football.

Well... what is your team, and where are you from ?

Hey Wickyway, if I were you, I'd try not to mix with one of our posters named RUNnealonRUN.

That guy is so crazy it's almost dangerous.

Hahaha...I always say wicky way instead of Ricky Ray...

anyway, welcome!

oh cmon RnR had soem good posts

How would you know? Aren't you new in here? :wink:

Funny thing, though... you spell just like him... :stuck_out_tongue:

Its him


Ro, you must have a degree in Stating the Obvious, don't you?


It could be Bugs Bunny...That wascally wabbit!

Nah.....Bugs Bunny knew how to outwit his comrades.....RnR/wickyway doesn't......


Whats up Doc!


feel free to delete this mods if its in bad taste, but I thik its fitting.