Im new to this CFL stuff, help inform me. please

Why I love CFL and not NFL:

  1. Watching the NFL, you can sit through too many commercials, watch a kick-off, and then have to sit through more commercials. This is the most annoying thing about the NFL. At that point, I turn off the TV.
  2. 9 Teams vs over 30 teams. You can really get to enjoy getting to learn about every team.
  3. As someone mentioned, the last 5 minutes of CFL game compared to NFL is a whole lot quicker and entertaining because of a few things.
    a) only 1 timeout per team
    b) only 20 seconds to start a play
    c) spiking the ball to stop time is rare
    d) the time stops after every play if run out of bounds, i think.
    Therefore, even if a game isn't close, with 5 minutes left to play a team can mount a comeback and win
  4. Running back a ball after a missed fieldgoal is entertaining.
  5. NFL has wierd quirky rules that are thoroughly explained by the ref after the play. that's annoying.

Not sure if someone else mentioned the things below, sorry if these have been mentioned. No wimpy “please don’t hit me” fair catch in the CFL, the halo zone is 5 yards as opposed to the 1 yard, I think, halo in the NFL, you have to catch the ball and do something with it. Also, the punter can retreive the ball without the receiving team touching the ball, makes it interesting on occasion. And the CFL guys have to be in better physical condition due to the larger field and only 20 sec clock and not as many timeouts and the ball is not held as long by the team with the ball as with only 3 downs, it can be more difficult to get a first down and there are more punts. Also, team can returned missed field goals back, this is one of the most interesting aspects of the CFL IMO. And CFL games are often not decided until near the end of the game with less than 2 minutes on the clock since a team can’t sit on a lead with 4 downs and 40 seconds between plays, they have to try for a first down otherwise they have to punt it. Again, way more interesting than the NFL where the last 2 minutes becomes a “put your knee on the ground” to run out the clock if you have a lead.

All in all, the CFL game is the game the NFL wishes it had. I truly believe this.

One more thing, ARE BALLS ARE BIGGER!!!


You start cheering for Calgary and hate everyone in green and gold
and you'll be well ahead of most who post on this site. :lol:

Who does Terrance Edwards and Robert Edwards play for?

He or they are not on the Calgary Roster.

The Montreal Alouettes have Robert Edwards trying out at running back with several others, but Edwards missed a few days for a funeral and now has an injury, hamstring I think.

[b]All these long winded responses. I can tell you the difference in a cpl short sentences...

The NFL sucks.
The CDN game is the best game on this rock...Period.

The preceding message was brought to you as a public service. Thank you very much.[/b]

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