Im new to this CFL stuff, help inform me. please

Each teams has a final roster number of 40???
Does the CFL have a final cut day like the NFL???
How much do players get paid in the CFL???
What's different about the CFL compared to the NFL???

Thanks in advance.

That's a brave request. This place is packed with "experts"! lol

No takers so far, maybe nobody knows the answers.

The have a football 101 link that may help you.


a) Yes, or thereabouts
b) Yes
c) Not a lot
d) Ummmmm, might be easier to list what is the same.

Essentially it is football but with these major differences:

  1. Three downs instead of four
  2. 12 men to a side
  3. Wider field and 10 yards longer
  4. Way deeper endzones
  5. Unlimited backfield motion (think arena)
  6. Rabid fans in a place called Regina that even though their team has only won the championship twice in like 75 years they still paint themselves greena nd get tattoos of their logo........sort of Canada's equivilent to Green Bay, without the cheese.........

..........there are a unique few ways to score points that are pretty bizarre to explain but make for some interesting point totals but thats about it in a nutshell.......

Not to mention "shootout styled" overtime.

But my friend RedandWhite here forgot the main difference between the CFL and ANY other professionnal league: the players are accessible. They will mix with the crowd, get involved in the community and have a chat with you if you meet them and start talking. There is no God-to-worshipers relatioship here. Players are down-to-earth hard-working average dudes, and that's what makes them national heroes.

Thanks a lot, one more though, when is this years cut date?

I believe teams can have as many players as they want until the last week of training camp. Then, they must cut back to 50 guys. When training camp is over, they cut 10 more to get to 40. Actually, the last guys cut usually go on practice rosters, but then, any other team can "steal" them from you (as long as they play right away... teams can't pick em on your PR to add them to theirs). That's how we got our kick returner last year. He was on Edmonton's PR.

One more thing about rosters. You need to have at least 19 Canadians on the roster. That leaves you with enough roster spots to have 18 imports (who are generally all Americans). Then, you can have three QBs whose status is unimportant (they can be imports or non-imports, but they don't count in your ratio). There are also some American guys who qualifiy as Canadian under certain circumstances... like if you trained exclusively in Canada before you were 16, of stuff like that...

EXCELLENT questions and POST …WELCOME. :smiley:

We all have to learn at some point …I had to learn about many things in my life.

O.K…my thing is on the differences between the CFL and the NFL.

1… MONEY …because of the NFL 'S T.V. contract and betting …NFL, players get paid allot more.

Even though the NFL has NO true world CHAMPIONSHIP like… GOLF , BASKETBALL , HOCKEY , SOCCER… ect…

They get paid allot , even though the NHL has a higher WORLD profile than the NFL.

HOCKEY , has a true WORLD championship and are in the OLYIMPICS…but they get paid MUCH less than NFL, players.

The NFL… is the NASCAR , of the sporting WORLD WORLD . :wink:


  1. The Q.B. only gets 20 seconds to call a play…in the NFL it is an easier 45 seconds.

  2. We play 18 games , 2 more than the NFL and in CANADA…SO , CFL players have to be tougher than NFL players. I can’t see MAIMI or a team from TEXAS playing in late NOVERMBER , in CANADA.

  3. NO FAIR CATCH or TOUCHBACK…in the CFL…You catch the ball and run OR give UP a single point.

  4. 12 man on a lager field, more like a soccer pitch size.

It is harder to get 10 yards on 3 downs than it is to get 10 yards in 4 downs.

  1. CFL Q.B.S… have know how to run with the ball and throw a 50 yard sideline pass.

  2. We have 2 single point plays. A convert and… THE ROUGE!

  3. Our OVER time is allot different and much better than JUST a coin toss.

  4. You can meet many CFL players at practises , after games and by writting them.

  5. CFL TICKETS… are half the price.

  6. Our championship has a 6 day festival and the SUPERBOWL DOES NOT.

  7. In the CFL the last 2 minutes of a game really matters, if it is close. Even the leading team has to get first downs to stave off an attack by the other team. SO, in the NFL the winning team can just go down on their kness in the last 2 minutes.BORING!

  8. Our games, play off and championship GAMES are usually higher scoring and closer than NFL games. :wink:


I have to disagree with you as far as teams playing in Canada in November. NFL teams in Chicago, Buffalo, Green Bay, etc have to play games in January. The NFL actually plays in much colder weather than teams in the CFL.
To just reinforce some points made earlier... the biggest differences are the three downs, much larger field, one yard between the teams at scrimmage (therefore a lot more times that teams will go for it instead of punting), time allowed per play. With only a 20 second play clock, the game goes back and forth much faster. You don't see too many times when a team has the ball for 9 minutes. This allows for a better opportunity for comebacks in the final 2 minutes, especially since the clock stops after every play. There is none of this spiking the ball to stop the clock. (Well... very rarely) There is only one time out per team per half... as it is not needed. ( I love that because I really hate time outs in any sport)
The money, of course is not as great as the NFL because of the population difference, which means smaller numbers all around in attendance,teltevision viewers, TV contracts, etc. but the stars make pretty good money.
Hopefully, you can catch some games on television down there this season and check it out.

I was talking about playing in EDMONTON , CALGARY , WINNIPEG and OTTAWA.

AND I mentioned 2 teams from the U.S. South.


I'd love to see Miami come to Edmonton to play an exhibition game in say... the week after the Grey Cup... or the week before the NFL preseason... CFL rules second half, NFL first half... actually not Miami... some decent team from the south... is Dallas any good any more?... one more difference, we have a much smaller league so for the most part you can name most of the players on the team you are playing, unlike the NFL where you play the Bengles or Browns and some guy you have never heard of injures your star player... GO LIOS

Players salaries are between $35000.00 and $460000.00
One more difference between the 2- The CFL is older than the NFL.
And the Toronto Argonauts are something like 130 years old!

... and so is their QB !


I didn't care to read every reply to this post so don'g get mad at me if I repeat someone else's reply. During a missed field goal, the other team can return it. I am 99% sure that in the NFL, a missed field goal is considered a deal ball.

You didn't talk about the roster size guys. 40 men on a game day roster, 3 of which must be QB's. You must also dress 17 Canadian born players or non-import players as they call them here.

NFL has dozens of commercial breaks compared to CFL (3 per quarter)

(1) In the NFL you can go to the bathroom, grab a beer, refill the chip bowl and only miss the convert.

(2) Same as #(1) except the convert part When they are reviewing instant replay situation.

3 comercial breaks???
I 'm not sure about that one.

We used to have bigger balls too. I'm not sure if that has changed :roll: much?