i'm new to canadian football

'sup some of my family lives in vancover bc for like forever

1/3/06 hey i have a b+ in english so im doing just fine
and u dont need to be 18+ to be here so whats the difference from canadian football to american football

1/4/06 so do u get domes or stadiums

1/18/06 hey u try to get an A in english if u can't stay awake!
anyway i live in america and watch the NFL it has hard hits i guess i can't hate until i see CFL more often


Somebody that isn't 18 and up and just got busted by their parents, methinks. :mrgreen: :lol:

You don't have to be 18 to sign up here.

Perhaps he's a relative of RunNealonRun, or WickyWay or whatever he's called now.

Need a translator, Sporty? :lol:

Actually, I don't think even I could figure out that one....

Actually, I thought maybe it was a student and one of your colleagues caught him on the computer instead of studying for a ENGLISH test! :lol:

.....should have been studying for an English test instead....

Good point, I should have thought that first......That edit button is great!

Excellent work, Sporty.....

In a nutshell, stryker.....Canadian football = faster and better. Next question......

BC's a dome. Toronto's retractable. the rest are stadiums.

you should try to get an A

as for the differences:


untill Winnipeg gets a new retractable.

CFL=Faster, Better, More heavy hits, No Wussys, three downs, 20 second play clock, 110 yard feild :smiley:
NFL=Slower, Crappy, No heavy hits, Full of wussys, four downs, 45 second play clock, 100 yard feild :roll:
See? CLF is SO much better, you won’t catch me dead in front of ANY NFL except for maybe the superbowl.

CFL= Singles, No yards, and hopfully Extra Point Trys (aka AP)
NFL= Touchbacks, Fair Catch, Converts

IHE is right, CFL is better

plus we have bigger balls :lol: