I'm New/CFL Fan Free Agent

Hey everyone! :smiley:
I'm Andy, I'm 16, I'll be a HS sophomore in the fall, and I live in MN (aka cflnewbie11, since I'm kind of new to the game of Canadian Football!). That said, I'm looking for a team to support (I like how BC is doing this year, but I usually lean toward Toronto teams), so you guys have to convince me to support your team. Simple as that.

.........and what's in it for us?.........

Go with the Champs! ARGOS!!!!!!!!!! If you lean towards T.O teams, you better cheer for the only winning one. Besides Pinball is the man!

well im a fan of all teams, but if i had to pick one i will pick calgary stampeders, you should chose calgary because well just choose who you want!

Montreal is the team.
Not their best years but they are they the best record since comming back to the CFL

im a fan of every team in the cfl, yet i find myself rooting for ottawa, cuz everyone writes them off every week...if this was a movie, they'd be the underdogs who play hard every game and win.

actually go with ottawa they need all the fans they can get

yeah, im a fan of all cfl teams, but i guessmy favorite is calgary and second favorite is ottawa!

After much thought (OK, about 2 minutes!), I have decided to go with the Argos in the East, and BC in the West.

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding,

just a heads up, most of us outside of Toronto treat thier sports teams like Americans treat New York sports teams.

They are the villans!!

But Pinball is awesome

Hey newbie - that's too easy. Pick some teams that are struggling - that shows you're a true fan!! It's too simple to cheer for the ones that are winning - of course, if MY team was winning, I'd turn the other cheek darn quick. . . :smiley:

be a bomber fan... don't know why you would pick us.. but just do it.. why? because we are the bombers and we have been playing for 75 years... who cares if we suck at the moment...plus you get to vent your anger out at dumbo jimbo.. which is always fun.

Just pick who you want.
And no point in being a Bomber or Ti-Cat fan now. But come around in about 10 years and we'll have something decent.


new coach... a leading qb..drools it will come..it will come...
like milk said.. pick who you want.. why would you want our opinions anyways?... by the looks of it, you have already made your choice...toronto.

10 years...oh god I hope not...... :shock:

I’ll be 25 then!!


I've said it before and I'll say it again. Being a Bomber fan is cool. There's one to be found in every bar on the planet. Never mind the new uniforms- those will change if popular demand means anything.

As A Fellow Argo Fan I'd Like To Welcome You To The Bandwagon And I Hope Your Ride Is A Smooth One, However I Do Question Your Logic. You'd Be Better To Support Your Local Blue Bombers That Way You Could Go And Watch Your Favourite Team Every Week And After All That's Most Of The Fun (Unlike Our Nieghbouring League To The South). Plus Winnipeg Has A Few Good Emerging QBs And You'll Watch Them Improve Over The Next Few Years, Two Or Three, Not Ten.

Take the Bombers. Its just a short ride north and you could even take in a few games. And you wouldn't have to worry about having a team in the east and west because they keep switching conferences LOL. Two for the price of one!!