Im more excited than before last year

If we get Taaffe and with all the free agents we brought in last year and upgrades in some other areas I think we will be much, much better than last year. Maas is a good QB...he didnt show it last year but with a strong coach, line and WR's he will be back. No one likes losing and that includes fans, players and the front office staff im sure.

meh, its the same thing year in n year out, i dont let myself get ,y hopes up anymore, im just going to wait till the first 5 games r done to even think abot getting excited.. its hard being a ti-cat fan these days.

imagine if the cats get off to a good start ( say 5-1 ) the atmosphere in the crowd will be better then ever, and i'd imagine sell-outs would become more frequent.

agreed, ticat fans r great, if we can almost fill all the seats 2 years in a rwo with loosing records, we would definaley sell out next year we start maby well. winning games.

I hope everyone is right with their optimism for Taaffe as the head coach. He quit the Als and he quit the Terps (as O.C.) and he has not been a head coach since I believe the year 2000. The guy seems to have a great mind for the offense, I just hope he is the long term solution that the Cats are looking for in their head coach.

I'm not excited at all ,but have now learned to take the wait five games and see like Blitz21.
Never the less ,watching NFL countdown today and especially seeing a QB wing the ball around makes me thirst for the CFL season to get going.
Still ,good point about waiting before getting excited,at least I learned something last year....

I to wish it was training camp time.
How ever I do not think that we have a starting QB .
And believe me I wish we did.

I am Feeling Better But we have holes to fill..

1st Head Coach
2nd Coaching Staff
3rd QB
4th WR
6 OL Depth

i felt more ecited last year, and that was taking into account the 'cautious optimism...'

although no paopao is only a good thing.

I'm waiting six games before i get excited or disapointed.