Im looking for some intelligent opinions

so im going to keep it off the main board.

Anyhow that amazing dive Burris made into the endzone last
game. Do you think he was reminded to keep two hands on the
ball?? It was a dangerous play, where without stretching
out with one hand he wouldnt have crossed the plane.

Im hoping Cortez will mention it to him when watching
the film.

Ive noticed ol sambo hasnt questioned Burris's desire to win
lately. LOL

...burris's ball protection has taken a light year leap in the last three games...even the pick he threw on Friday couldn't be blamed on that being said I don't see cortez being too angry with the way hank stretched it out for the TD...that is just a gutsy play...was it risky? indeed it was, but risk is required sometime, just not ALL the time....

Ya I agree 100%. They needed that TD and you always play to win. Or in this case tie. If there was little to gain on that play i would have said wrap that pigskin in tight. But when there's high reward you have to risk a little more. It pretty much boils down to picking your battles.